Braxton’s Baptism

Watching families gather their loved ones together is one of the joys of my job. On this day, Braxton’s family were gathered to celebrate his baptism.

Although Braxton wasn’t too sure about his outfit, he is clearly blessed with a loving, adoring family. Here is the story of Braxton’s baptism ceremony. May he be blessed with love, joy & happiness throughout his years.

Brax-baptism-LR-1 Brax-baptism-LR-5 Brax-baptism-LR-6 Brax-baptism-LR-14 Brax-baptism-diptych-1Brax-baptism-LR-17 Brax-baptism-LR-18 Brax-baptism-LR-25 Brax-baptism-LR-27 Brax-baptism-LR-28 Brax-baptism-LR-29 Brax-baptism-LR-31 Brax-baptism-diptych-2Brax-baptism-LR-37 Brax-baptism-LR-39 Brax-baptism-LR-42 Brax-baptism-LR-51 Brax-baptism-LR-153Brax-baptism-diptych-3Brax-baptism-LR-66 Brax-baptism-LR-67 Brax-baptism-LR-70 Brax-baptism-LR-75 Brax-baptism-LR-78 Brax-baptism-diptych-4Brax-baptism-LR-79 Brax-baptism-LR-82 Brax-baptism-LR-83 Brax-baptism-LR-85 Brax-baptism-LR-88 Brax-baptism-diptych-5Brax-baptism-LR-93 Brax-baptism-LR-98 Brax-baptism-LR-99 Brax-baptism-LR-101 Brax-baptism-LR-103 Brax-baptism-LR-107 Brax-baptism-LR-110 Brax-baptism-LR-114 Brax-baptism-LR-115 Brax-baptism-LR-119 Brax-baptism-LR-120 Brax-baptism-LR-122 Brax-baptism-LR-124 Brax-baptism-LR-128 Brax-baptism-LR-129 Brax-baptism-LR-133 Brax-baptism-LR-138 Brax-baptism-LR-141 Brax-baptism-LR-142 Brax-baptism-LR-149Brax-baptism-LR-147

Thank you to Franny & Matko for letting me capture such wonderful moments. K x

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