Samara at 3 days


This is Samara. She was born very quickly & immediately adored by all around her. Here she is almost 2 & a half days old. I was lucky enough to be there for her first bath & watch as her big sister cuddled & reassured her afterwards. So sweet.

Samara-3days-LR-3 Samara-3days-LR-8 Samara-3days-LR-13 Samara-3days-LR-14 Samara-3days-LR-17 Samara-3days-LR-20 Samara-3days-LR-27 Samara-3days-LR-28 Samara-3days-LR-29 Samara-3days-LR-33 Samara-3days-LR-40 Samara-3days-LR-42 Samara-3days-LR-52 Samara-3days-LR-57 Samara-3days-LR-58

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