Lashes at 9 weeks {newborns}

My little niece came over to visit today. Her lashes go on for days. I couldn’t resist. She was asleep on my bed. The best light in the house. At 9 weeks old, she’s growing so fast but she’s still so tiny. There will always be photographs. Make sure you’re taking some too. And if you’re not (like my sister)… call me. K x

Samara-9weeks-3Feb14-LR-3 Samara-9weeks-3Feb14-LR-6 Samara-9weeks-3Feb14-LR-12 Samara-9weeks-3Feb14-LR-13 Samara-9weeks-3Feb14-LR-19 Samara-9weeks-3Feb14-LR-21 Samara-9weeks-3Feb14-LR-24 Samara-9weeks-3Feb14-LR-27 Samara-9weeks-3Feb14-LR-28 Samara-9weeks-3Feb14-LR-30Contact me via email:

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