Megan at 6 weeks {newborns}

Little Megan has the most beautiful big blue eyes, a mop of long dark hair & lungs that could wake the dead. Here are a few of the photographs from a very quick session with little Megan earlier this week. Look out, she’s a cutie.Megan-5Feb14-LR-1 Megan-5Feb14-LR-10 Megan-5Feb14-LR-11 Megan-5Feb14-LR-12 Megan-5Feb14-LR-16 Megan-5Feb14-LR-18 Megan-5Feb14-LR-21 Megan-5Feb14-LR-25 Megan-5Feb14-LR-27 Megan-5Feb14-LR-30 Megan-5Feb14-LR-31 Megan-5Feb14-LR-34 Megan-5Feb14-LR-35 Megan-5Feb14-LR-36 Megan-5Feb14-LR-37 Megan-5Feb14-LR-38 Megan-5Feb14-LR-40 Megan-5Feb14-LR-42 Megan-5Feb14-LR-44 Megan-5Feb14-LR-47 Megan-5Feb14-LR-48 Megan-5Feb14-LR-49 Megan-5Feb14-LR-51 Megan-5Feb14-LR-53 Megan-5Feb14-LR-54

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