Katia, Abey, Christopher & Sebastian {families}

* Here is an example of a Story Telling Session. A session with a beautiful, loving family when I first started photographing people other than my own precious loves.

As soon as I arrived at the location for our photo shoot, I could tell we were going to have an adventure. Three year old Christopher was already exploring his surroundings but he stopped ever so politely to say hello.

Little Christopher was excited to be there. I’m not sure we were excited for the same reasons. His was childhood curiousity. Mine – photographing a loving family of four.

While he collected sticks and explored, I spoke with Katia and her husband. I learnt that here, before they had children, Abey fell in love with Katia. What a perfect location then to photograph them now with their two amazingly cute little boys.

Katia-Pt1-5 Katia-Pt1-6Katia-diptych-1Katia-Pt1-3 Katia-Pt1-10 Katia-Pt1-14 Katia-Pt1-9Katia-Pt1-12Katia-Pt1-32 Katia-Pt1-34Katia-Pt1-24Katia-diptych-3Katia-Pt1-22 Katia-Pt1-36 Katia-diptych-2 Katia-Pt1-37Katia-Pt1-25 Katia-Pt1-27 Christopher-nowatermk-1 Katia-Pt1-21Katia-Pt2boys-1 Katia-Pt2boys-5 Katia-diptych4-1Katia-Pt1-38 Katia-Pt1-41Katia-Pt3-1 Katia-Pt3-2 Katia-walk-diptych-1Katia-Pt3-3 Katia-Pt3-4 Katia-Pt3-5 Katia-Pt3-6 Katia-Pt3-7Katia-Pt3-8 Katia-Pt3-9 Katia-Pt3-10 Katia-Pt3-11 Katia-Pt3-12 Katia-Pt3-13 Katia-Pt3-walk-1-2 Katia-Pt3-15 Katia-Pt4-1Katia-Pt4-2 Cafe-1 Katia-Pt4-6 Katia-pt5-cupcake-3 Katia-pt5-cupcake-4 Katia-pt5-cupcake2-2 Katia-pt5-cupcake2-1 Katia-pt5-cupcake2-6 Katia-pt5-cupcake2-7 Katia-pt5-cupcake2-8 Katia-swings-1Katia-swings-3 Katia-swings-2 Katia-swings-1-2 Katia-swings-5 Katia-swings-6 Katia-swings-7Katia-Pt1-46 Katia-Pt1-45A warm loving family. Katia and her boys. Thank you for letting me take a peek into your lives; to tell the story of afternoons you have spent here together past, present & future. K x

For your own storytelling session, contact me. You can find more information here.

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