Bohemian Treasures

I am in love with accessories. Bags, scarves, & jewellery. But I rarely buy any more than a few items per season because I feel totally inept when it comes to styling.

Who knew that all you needed was a pair of jeans, some cute boots & a white top? Add some gorgeous colourful accessories & you’re done. Simple.

Last week I was asked to photograph some of Bella Boheme’s latest range. The colours are just divine. You MUST head on over to the on-line store here & check out their luscious wares. The lovely Emma will send you your beautifully packaged bohemian treasures.

BellaBoheme-sml-4 BellaBoheme-sml-6BellaBoheme-sml-20 BellaBoheme-sml-22 BellaBoheme-sml-27 BellaBoheme-sml-35 BellaBoheme-sml-40 BellaBoheme-sml-48 BellaBoheme-sml-71 BellaBoheme-sml-79 BellaBoheme-sml-99 BellaBoheme-sml-107 BellaBoheme-sml-109 BellaBoheme-sml-113 BellaBoheme-sml-126 BellaBoheme-sml-132 BellaBoheme-sml-137 BellaBoheme-sml-141 BellaBoheme-sml-153 BellaBoheme-sml-161 BellaBoheme-sml-172BellaBoheme-sml-176BellaBoheme-sml-186BellaBoheme-sml-165Such a fabulous way to spend the day. Emma, our gorgeous model Julie & I were in girly heaven.

Bags, scarves & jewellery from Bella Boheme store:

All other items model’s own.

Hair by: Hair Happens & Beauty

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