Siblings {newborns}

Sometimes when I visit homes to take photographs of kids they are in one of those moods. You know, where they are bouncing off the walls & don’t want to sit still. Sometimes this can be fantastic for natural photography but when your eldest doesn’t want to hold the ‘baby’, it can be treacherous. Add to that one very tired little 4 week old & you can imagine that this session didn’t go as smoothly as planned. But that’s okay because we still got some beautiful (natural) photographs.

Here are some photographs of two little boys & a mumma who has her hands full!

Owen-4wks-LR-2 Owen-4wks-LR-3 Owen-4wks-LR-10Caleb-diptych-1 Owen-4wks-LR-15 Owen-4wks-LR-17 Owen-4wks-LR-18Caleb-diptych2-1 Owen-4wks-LR-21 Owen-4wks-LR-26 Caleb-bed2-1Owen-4wks-LR-30 Owen-4wks-LR-36 Owen-4wks-LR-39 Owen-4wks-LR-43 Owen-4wks-LR-44 Owen-4wks-LR-51 Owen-4wks-LR-52 Owen-4wks-LR-58 Owen-4wks-LR-64 Owen-4wks-LR-71 Owen-4wks-LR-72 Owen-4wks-LR-75

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* Caleb (2), Owen (4 weeks), their mum Belinda (& granddad’s hands).  You may recognise them from an earlier post when Caleb first met his little brother. View here.


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