Benny & Charlene + 4 | Families

For this short little mini-session Benny & Charlene brought the kids out to play by the river. The boys were keen to run & play & their little sister just wanted to do the same. And that’s ok. That’s what being a kid is all about.
Charlene-diptych-1Charlene-LR-web-5Jasmine-1-2 Charlene-LR-web-7 Charlene-LR-web-8 Charlene-LR-web-9 Jasmine2-1 Charlene-LR-web-12 Charlene-LR-web-16Charlene-LR-web-20 Charlene-LR-web-19Charlene-LR-web-23 Charlene-LR-web-24 Charlene-LR-web-26 Charlene-LR-web-27 Charlene-LR-web-31 Charlene-LR-web-49Charlene-LR-web-41 Charlene-LR-web-43 Charlene-LR-web-45 Charlene-LR-web-46 Charlene-LR-web-53Charlene-LR-web-75 Charlene-LR-web-56 Charlene-LR-web-59 Charlene-LR-web-60 Charlene-LR-web-67 Charlene-LR-web-69

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