Do you take portraits of your children? Photographs of just them on their own? I don’t mean the photographs where you dress them up in their best clothes & ask them to say ‘cheese’. I mean lifestyle portraits that capture them in that moment.

Kids change so quickly & fads come and go – loom bracelets anyone? They may be playing their iPods… Remember when you played Donkey Kong, Pacman, wore hyper colour t-shirts, played elastics, everything was fluro & leg warmers were fashionable? Yep, that’s them. Those moments.

Don’t forget to take photographs of your kids as they are. I always tell my clients that a ‘cheese’ portrait (not a ‘cheesy’ portrait, because they still have their place) shows your child’s appearance at a certain point in time. But a lifestyle portrait tells you more about them than just what they look like. You can see what they enjoyed doing, what their favourite toys were, how their body looked as they did it. It can bring back memories of a moment in time. Good or bad. About something they did unique to them or to a generation or something you did as a family. Don’t forget to take those ones too.

Here’s some of my 4 cherubs.

1-52-Lucas-1 2-52 Portraits-6Evie-1LaughterSoph-16-52-Charli-1Evie-7-52-115Mar14-bed-1Charli-1 11-52-1-2 11-52-313-52-4

Some of these portraits appear on my blog as part of The 52 Project. Joining Jodi and many others over at Practising Simplicity to capture a portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2014.

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