Bohemian Treasures | Winter 2014

Product photography is a lot like portrait photography. There is a mix of natural, candid shots, traditional ‘look at me’ portraits, as well as specific product placement.

Looking glamorous can be easy. Well, ok, Julie makes it look easy – but Julie is a mum of 3, not a model, but a good friend who willingly jumps in front of the camera when I ask ever so nicely. It also helps that she is beautifully styled by Emma from Bella Boheme & all of her beautiful products which you can find here.

BB-Winter-FB-5BB-diptychs-1 BB-Winter-FB-15 BB-Winter-FB-25BB-diptychs-3BB-Winter-FB-51BB-diptychs-2BB-Winter-FB-72BB-diptychs-5BB-Winter-FB-209BB-Winter-FB-216BB-Winter-FB-102BB-Winter-FB-103BB-diptychs-6BB-Winter-FB-112BB-Winter-FB-114BB-diptychs-7BB-Winter-FB-116BB-Winter-FB-132BB-Winter-FB-137BB-diptychs-8BB-Winter-FB-155BB-Winter-FB-150BB-Winter-FB-158BB-Winter-FB-151BB-Winter-FB-160BB-Winter-FB-169BB-Winter-FB-166BB-Winter-FB-181BB-Winter-FB-173BB-Winter-FB-182BB-Winter-FB-175BB-Winter-FB-171Taking these images was as joyful as the last occasion which you can view here.

If you’re looking to update your family photographs, consider something a little different & book a session. For more information you can look here & contact me here.

K x



3 Comments on “Bohemian Treasures | Winter 2014

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