Little People {newborns}

A beautiful new addition to this family. Now there are two little people in this house. The first of the two is particularly energetic & is definitely keeping mum on her toes. He’s a bouncing ball jumping from one place to the next. That’s what I love about watching little kids. They have so much joy. So much curiosity. It’s a good thing. But for a new mum it can also be exhausting. So while I was in this loving home just a while, it brought back wonderful memories of my own time with my two girls who were 19 months apart. All the sleepless nights, nappy changes & one very energetic toddler – but I wouldn’t change a thing. And I’m sure this little family wouldn’t either.Ch-29Apr14-LR-2Ch-diptych-2Ch-29Apr14-LR-1 Ch-diptych-3Ch-29Apr14-LR-18Ch-29Apr14-LR-32 Ch-29Apr14-LR-93 Ch-29Apr14-LR-94Ch-diptych-4 Ch-29Apr14-LR-105 Ch-29Apr14-LR-106 Ch-29Apr14-LR-107 Ch-29Apr14-LR-108 Ch-29Apr14-LR-112 Ch-29Apr14-LR-116Ch-diptych-5Ch-29Apr14-LR-74Ch-29Apr14-LR-76Ch-29Apr14-LR-84Ch-29Apr14-LR-134Ch-29Apr14-LR-136Ch-29Apr14-LR-138 Ch-29Apr14-LR-139 Ch-29Apr14-LR-142 Ch-29Apr14-LR-145 Ch-29Apr14-LR-147 Ch-29Apr14-LR-149Thank you so much for inviting me into your home to share in the joy of your little people.

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