New life | New Connections {newborns}

Ace-17Apr14-LR-1 Ace-17Apr14-LR-5 Ace-17Apr14-LR-18 Ace-17Apr14-LR-22 Ace-17Apr14-LR-32Kristie-diptych-1 Ace-17Apr14-LR-58 Ace-17Apr14-LR-65Ace-17Apr14-LR-76Kristie-diptych-3 Ace-17Apr14-LR-68 Ace-17Apr14-LR-88 Ace-17Apr14-LR-93 Ace-17Apr14-LR-100 Ace-17Apr14-LR-111 Ace-17Apr14-LR-116Kristie-diptych-4 Ace-17Apr14-LR-124 Ace-17Apr14-LR-125 Ace-17Apr14-LR-137 Ace-17Apr14-LR-136There were so many photographs to choose from but I have settled on just a few to show you here. It’s always tough to decide but I think these ones show the joy & preciousness of new life as well as the connections & love between these two beautiful girls & their new baby brother Ace.

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