Archer {newborns}

Archer is almost 8 weeks old. He’s had a rough start & very lucky to be here. He spent the first week of his life in the ICU with pneumonia. I cannot imagine how scary that is for a any parent.

While he’s much better & back home with mum, dad & his big sister, they’re still keeping a watchful eye over him. And Archer seems quite happy about that. I visited him & his mum this week & took some photographs of his very wise & worldly face. He looks old beyond his 8 weeks. Loved.

Archer-20May14-LR-1 Archer-20May14-LR-2Archer-20May14-LR-6 Archer-20May14-LR-4 Archer-20May14-LR-7 Archer-20May14-LR-9 Archer-20May14-LR-14 Archer-20May14-LR-15 Archer-20May14-LR-16 Archer-20May14-LR-18 Archer-20May14-LR-19 Archer-20May14-LR-25 Archer-20May14-LR-27 Archer-20May14-LR-28 Archer-20May14-LR-21 Archer-20May14-LR-23

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