Eloise | 14 days {newborns}

Little Eloise is a beautiful gift. Her parents are so obviously in love & relishing parenthood. I could see them getting lost in her baby stare. I remember whiling the hours away just looking at my new baby. So tiny. So precious; not quite believing that they were mine.

Eloise-LR-5 Eloise-LR-133 E-KCP-1 Eloise-LR-135 Eloise-LR-132 Eloise-LR-44 E-KCP-2E-KCP2-1 E-KCP-3 Eloise-LR-61 Eloise-LR-80 Eloise-LR-70 Eloise-LR-112 Eloise-LR-113Eloise-LR-127Eloise-LR-129Eloise-LR-32Room-1Eloise-LR-138Eloise-LR-140

It was such a pleasure getting to know little Eloise & chatting with her mum & dad about life with a new baby. While I was there the community nurse took her measurements. In two weeks this little doll has grown so much. They’ve definitely got the hang of it these two. A beautiful little gift for two very lovely people.

Congratulations Nick & Ali. xo

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