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BecSchopenArt-22Seeing the beauty that surrounds me has become something that I treasure. It is a gift. I find a sense of peace & calm in noticing the little things in life. The way the morning dew sits on a leaf, the golden hour light through the tall grass, city shadows in the afternoon, a loose curl, milk moustaches, catchlights in my childrens’ eyes, smirks & grimaces. These are the things I love to capture with my camera. I try to capture them creatively; to help my audience feel like they are there standing right with me in that moment.

Last week I attended a mixed media workshop with Bec Schopen. Other than being a fabulously caring & kind person, she creates the most beautiful artwork that I have admired for years. With her brush strokes & use of colour she can elicit such an array of emotions. It is something I find so daunting but comes so naturally to her. I listen to her speak so passionately about colour & tone, about finding inspiration in the everyday & I can relate to these aspects of her craft.

I have always longed to be able to paint, but for me, my head gets in the way. I overanalyse everything. Where do I start? What colours? Subject matter? When I start I then question every move I’ve made & take forever to decide what should go where. This is why being a part of Bec’s workshop was so refreshing. I was able to free my mind & just go with it. Bec’s philosophy is cathartic. It clears the mind & lets your creativity take over.

“I have a desire for my artwork to come from an intuitive and unconscious place. I begin with colour & images that I love and then evolve them into works where the viewer is lost in an ethereal place that can be soulful, spiritual & individually interpreted”. – Bec Schopen


BecSchopenArt-1 BecSchopenArt-6 BecSchopenArt-8 BecSchopenArt-9 BecSchopenArt-11 BecSchopenArt-13 BecSchopenArt-1-2BecSchopenArt-20BecSchopenArt-7 BecSchopenArt-23BecSchopenArt-2-2BecSchopenArt-28BecSchopenArt-dt-1-2 BecSchopenArt-35BecSchopenArt-dt-1 BecSchopenArt-36 BecSchopenArt-49

Bec Schopen Art – Original Artworks here.

Follow Bec on Facebook here.

Photography:  Me – Kylie Carson Photography

If you are interested in painting intuitively or being part of a workshop {Sydney’s Northern Beaches}, contact Bec here for more details. I highly recommend it. It’s like yoga for your mind. xo



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