Ella | 6 days {newborns}

Baby Ella was just 6 days old when I visited her. When I arrived she was snug in dad’s arms. Swamped with love. Congratulations Michael & Jane on the birth of your baby girl.

Photographing the details of you – your mop of dark brown hair, your tiny lips, your newborn skin like the softest peach, tiniest of fingernails – paper thin and then the creases of your feet.
Ella-blog-4 Ella-blog-7Ella-1-3 Ella-blog-8Ella-blog-2 Ella-blog-3 Ella-blog-10Ella-2-3 Ella-blog-11Ella-3 Ella-1-2 Ella-dt-1-4Ella-blog-24 Ella-blog-28 Ella-blog-52 Ella-blog-54Ella-blog-30 Ella-blog-31 Ella-blog-42 Ella-dt-1-2Ella-blog-37 Ella-2


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