Lanna & Mark | Married {Weddings}

Lanna & Mark were married before an intimate group of family & friends. It was a simple ceremony on a warm Summer’s day amongst the beautiful gardens of Gledswood Homestead. Lanna’s exquisite gown was unique; a corset & a cascading flow of lace and fabric, tied so carefully behind, reminiscent of times gone by. A day filled with love, laughter, happiness & a little dancing on the side.

 “What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thank you Lanna & Mark for inviting us to document your special day. We enjoyed every minute & had a few giggles along the way.

Lana&Mark-22Lana&Mark-17Lana&Mark-dt-2 Lana&Mark-23Lana&Mark-dt-1Lana&Mark-25Lana&Mark-21 Lana&Mark-dt-3Lana&Mark-30 Lana&Mark-33 Lana&Mark-43Lana&Mark-45 Lana&Mark-SS-3Lana&Mark-dt-4 Lana&Mark-50Lana&Mark-SS-4 Lana&Mark-57 Lana&Mark-58Lana&Mark-dt-5 Lana&Mark-61 Lana&Mark-62 Lana&Mark-63Lana&Mark-1-3Lana&Mark-139 Lana&Mark-140 Lana&Mark-SS-9Lana&Mark-68 Lana&Mark-69Lana&Mark-72 Lana&Mark-77 Lana&Mark-78 Lana&Mark-80 Lana&Mark-82 Lana&Mark-84 Lana&Mark-85 Lana&Mark-86 Lana&Mark-87Lana&Mark-90Lana&Mark-SS-11 Lana&Mark-94Lana&Mark-97Lana&Mark-SS-15 Lana&Mark-SS-16 Lana&Mark-ss-1-2Lana&Mark-dt-6Lana&Mark-SS-18Lana&Mark-120 Lana&Mark-SS-20 Lana&Mark-SS-22Lana&Mark-111Lana&Mark-ss-1-3 Lana&Mark-SS-23 Lana&Mark-138Lana&Mark-1-5 Lana&Mark-2-2 Lana&Mark-143

All photographs by me. Photographed with Beck Dunn Photography.

Ceremony & Reception: Gledswood Homestead & Winery, Catherine Fields, NSW

2 Comments on “Lanna & Mark | Married {Weddings}

  1. Reblogged this on Prairie Brides and commented:
    I just could not help, but to re-blog this unique wedding. It is Stunning! I think that more brides should opt for something other than a white or ivory dress. Their personalities and happiness just shines!


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