Knits | Bella Boheme | Winter 2015 {Product Photography}

Winter is almost upon us & I’ve already whipped out my warm boots, jeans, scarves & knits to keep me warm together with a warm cup of tea. Photographing Bella Boheme’s range with Emma & Maddie on a chilly day in the Blue Mountains is always fun. Here are a few images of Bella Boheme’s fabulous new range. Those jeans are on my bucket list together with a few other cosy items. Bella Boheme’s new range of knits are online & selling fast. Check them out here. BB-Knits-1024px-LS-1 BB-Knits-1024px-LS-7 BB-Knits-1024px-LS-75BellaBoheme-dt-1BellaBoheme-1-2BellaBoheme-dt-1-2BellaBoheme-1-5BellaBoheme-dt-2 BellaBoheme-1-6BellaBoheme-1BellaBoheme-1-7BellaBoheme-1-8BB-Knits-1024px-LS-dt-7 BB-Knits-1024px-LS-115BB-Knits-1024px-LS-110 BB-Knits-1024px-LS-113BB-Knits-1024px-LS-dt-3BellaBoheme-1-4BellaBoheme-dt-3BellaBoheme-1-11BellaBoheme-1-12BellaBoheme-1-10 BB-Knits-1024px-LS-127 BB-Knits-1024px-LS-dt-9 BellaBoheme-1-9BellaBoheme-1-13 BB-Knits-1024px-LS-165 BB-Knits-1024px-LS-135 BB-Knits-1024px-LS-140BB-Knits-1024px-LS-dt-8BB-Knits-1024px-LS-150 BB-Knits-1024px-LS-144 BB-Knits-1024px-LS-173BB-Knits-1024px-LS-175BB-Knits-1024px-LS-181 BB-Knits-1024px-LS-176 Clothing including shoes, scarf, fedora hat, and knits: Bella Boheme (online) Muse:  Maddison-Clare Sloan Photography:  Kylie Carson Photography

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