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A beautiful new addition to this family. Now there are two little people in this house. The first of the two is particularly energetic & is definitely keeping mum on her toes. He’s a bouncing ball jumping from one place to the next. That’s what I love about watching little kids. They have so much joy. So much curiosity. It’s a good thing. But for a new mum it can also be exhausting. So while I was in this loving home just a while, it brought back wonderful memories of my own time with my two girls who were 19 months apart. All the sleepless nights, nappy changes & one very energetic toddler – but I wouldn’t change a thing. And I’m sure this little family wouldn’t either.Ch-29Apr14-LR-2Ch-diptych-2Ch-29Apr14-LR-1 Ch-diptych-3Ch-29Apr14-LR-18Ch-29Apr14-LR-32 Ch-29Apr14-LR-93 Ch-29Apr14-LR-94Ch-diptych-4 Ch-29Apr14-LR-105 Ch-29Apr14-LR-106 Ch-29Apr14-LR-107 Ch-29Apr14-LR-108 Ch-29Apr14-LR-112 Ch-29Apr14-LR-116Ch-diptych-5Ch-29Apr14-LR-74Ch-29Apr14-LR-76Ch-29Apr14-LR-84Ch-29Apr14-LR-134Ch-29Apr14-LR-136Ch-29Apr14-LR-138 Ch-29Apr14-LR-139 Ch-29Apr14-LR-142 Ch-29Apr14-LR-145 Ch-29Apr14-LR-147 Ch-29Apr14-LR-149Thank you so much for inviting me into your home to share in the joy of your little people.

Ace-17Apr14-LR-1 Ace-17Apr14-LR-5 Ace-17Apr14-LR-18 Ace-17Apr14-LR-22 Ace-17Apr14-LR-32Kristie-diptych-1 Ace-17Apr14-LR-58 Ace-17Apr14-LR-65Ace-17Apr14-LR-76Kristie-diptych-3 Ace-17Apr14-LR-68 Ace-17Apr14-LR-88 Ace-17Apr14-LR-93 Ace-17Apr14-LR-100 Ace-17Apr14-LR-111 Ace-17Apr14-LR-116Kristie-diptych-4 Ace-17Apr14-LR-124 Ace-17Apr14-LR-125 Ace-17Apr14-LR-137 Ace-17Apr14-LR-136There were so many photographs to choose from but I have settled on just a few to show you here. It’s always tough to decide but I think these ones show the joy & preciousness of new life as well as the connections & love between these two beautiful girls & their new baby brother Ace.

Sometimes when I visit homes to take photographs of kids they are in one of those moods. You know, where they are bouncing off the walls & don’t want to sit still. Sometimes this can be fantastic for natural photography but when your eldest doesn’t want to hold the ‘baby’, it can be treacherous. Add to that one very tired little 4 week old & you can imagine that this session didn’t go as smoothly as planned. But that’s okay because we still got some beautiful (natural) photographs.

Here are some photographs of two little boys & a mumma who has her hands full!

Owen-4wks-LR-2 Owen-4wks-LR-3 Owen-4wks-LR-10Caleb-diptych-1 Owen-4wks-LR-15 Owen-4wks-LR-17 Owen-4wks-LR-18Caleb-diptych2-1 Owen-4wks-LR-21 Owen-4wks-LR-26 Caleb-bed2-1Owen-4wks-LR-30 Owen-4wks-LR-36 Owen-4wks-LR-39 Owen-4wks-LR-43 Owen-4wks-LR-44 Owen-4wks-LR-51 Owen-4wks-LR-52 Owen-4wks-LR-58 Owen-4wks-LR-64 Owen-4wks-LR-71 Owen-4wks-LR-72 Owen-4wks-LR-75

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* Caleb (2), Owen (4 weeks), their mum Belinda (& granddad’s hands).  You may recognise them from an earlier post when Caleb first met his little brother. View here.


Little Megan has the most beautiful big blue eyes, a mop of long dark hair & lungs that could wake the dead. Here are a few of the photographs from a very quick session with little Megan earlier this week. Look out, she’s a cutie.Megan-5Feb14-LR-1 Megan-5Feb14-LR-10 Megan-5Feb14-LR-11 Megan-5Feb14-LR-12 Megan-5Feb14-LR-16 Megan-5Feb14-LR-18 Megan-5Feb14-LR-21 Megan-5Feb14-LR-25 Megan-5Feb14-LR-27 Megan-5Feb14-LR-30 Megan-5Feb14-LR-31 Megan-5Feb14-LR-34 Megan-5Feb14-LR-35 Megan-5Feb14-LR-36 Megan-5Feb14-LR-37 Megan-5Feb14-LR-38 Megan-5Feb14-LR-40 Megan-5Feb14-LR-42 Megan-5Feb14-LR-44 Megan-5Feb14-LR-47 Megan-5Feb14-LR-48 Megan-5Feb14-LR-49 Megan-5Feb14-LR-51 Megan-5Feb14-LR-53 Megan-5Feb14-LR-54

My little niece came over to visit today. Her lashes go on for days. I couldn’t resist. She was asleep on my bed. The best light in the house. At 9 weeks old, she’s growing so fast but she’s still so tiny. There will always be photographs. Make sure you’re taking some too. And if you’re not (like my sister)… call me. K x

Samara-9weeks-3Feb14-LR-3 Samara-9weeks-3Feb14-LR-6 Samara-9weeks-3Feb14-LR-12 Samara-9weeks-3Feb14-LR-13 Samara-9weeks-3Feb14-LR-19 Samara-9weeks-3Feb14-LR-21 Samara-9weeks-3Feb14-LR-24 Samara-9weeks-3Feb14-LR-27 Samara-9weeks-3Feb14-LR-28 Samara-9weeks-3Feb14-LR-30Contact me via email:


This is Samara. She was born very quickly & immediately adored by all around her. Here she is almost 2 & a half days old. I was lucky enough to be there for her first bath & watch as her big sister cuddled & reassured her afterwards. So sweet.

Samara-3days-LR-3 Samara-3days-LR-8 Samara-3days-LR-13 Samara-3days-LR-14 Samara-3days-LR-17 Samara-3days-LR-20 Samara-3days-LR-27 Samara-3days-LR-28 Samara-3days-LR-29 Samara-3days-LR-33 Samara-3days-LR-40 Samara-3days-LR-42 Samara-3days-LR-52 Samara-3days-LR-57 Samara-3days-LR-58

There’s something about visiting a family for the second time; walking into a familiar house & the joy they have recently come to know, having seen the anticipation only weeks before.

Phoebe was so excited to show off her little brother Chase. She was only occasionally distracted by a Barbie movie on television. I’m pretty certain that she didn’t quite understand what all the fuss was about. After all, he’s just a baby. He doesn’t do much!

Again throughout this session, Phoebe rarely sat still. You can see evidence of this from the variety of fabulous facial expressions as her hair flew from side to side & across her face. A little bubbling bundle of joy.

And then there was Chase. The polar opposite. Settled. Peaceful. Quiet. A little hungry maybe but quiet. Loved. The perfect little addition to an already loving little family. Now a family of four.

Chase-LR-2 Chase-LR-5 Chase-LR-7 Chase-LR-12 Chase-LR-15 Chase-diptychs-1Chase-LR-20 Chase-LR-25 Chase-LR-39Chase-diptychs-2Chase-LR-46 Chase-LR-51Chase-LR-43 Chase-LR-41 Chase-LR-52 Chase-LR-56 Chase-LR-66Chase-LR-65 Chase-LR-68 Chase-LR-72 Chase-LR-79Chase-LR-73 Chase-LR-81 Chase-LR-91 Chase-diptychs-3Chase-LR-102Chase-LR-93 Chase-LR-112 Chase-diptychs-4Chase-LR-111

He is truly devine. Welcome to the world little Chase. xo

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