Fashion & Product Photography

Do you own a small business? Would you like to give your service or products new life? Would you like to tell a story or create a blog for your website?

Create original visual images for your business. Contact me for a quote.

Visual branding and merchandising is an important part of your business. It’s a powerful tool. Today we interact online through websites, blogs and other forms of social media. These forms of visual media provide rapid visual transfer of information in an entertaining format. Instagram and Pintrest prove that a picture is truly worth 1000 words. And that’s good news for your business. You can use images in your online marketing and reach a greater number of people and get exposure for your products and services.

Here are some tips to make sure your business uses visual media to access your target market.

  • Create original visual content.
  • Create connection and emotion through your images. Tell a story.
  • Add words – captions, call to action, descriptions, keywords and hashtags.
  • Mix it up. Use quality images on blog posts. Use a variety of social media including Instagram, Pintrest and Facebook to connect with your customers.
  • Asia_March2018_web_-3Asia_March2018_web_-29Asia_March2018_web-53Picnic-1 Eilish_16Mar18--69Eilish_16Mar18-6 Chloe-1-3Dresses2-41Unplanned_01Dec17_web-17Unplanned_01Dec17_web-21Unplanned_01Dec17_web-26

If you would like more information, please contact me

BB-Car-web-220 BB-Car-web-112 BB-Car-web-65 BB-Car-web-1 BB-27May16-Web-13 BB-27May16-Web-20 BB-Winter16-800px-SS-28 BB-Winter16-800px-SS-23 BB-Gypsy Queen-1-41 BB-Gypsy Queen-1-40 BB-Gypsy Queen-1-25 BB-Gypsy Queen-1-21 BB-Gypsy Queen-1-7 BB-Gypsy Queen-1-5 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-162 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-158 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-114 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-59 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-51 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-37 BellaBoheme-sml-172 BellaBoheme-sml-40 BB-Winter-FB-173 BB-Mex-blog2-9 BB-Mex-blog2-20 KanthaJackets-BellaBoheme-24 KanthaJackets-BellaBoheme2-7 Dreamcatcher-BellaBoheme-1 KCP-Details-7 KCP-Details-2 BellaBoheme-July14-5 BellaBoheme-July14-6 BellaBoheme-July14-1 BecSchopenArt-9 BecSchopenArt-11 BecSchopenArt-19 Bella Boheme Shoot-2 BB-OCT2014-FB-57 BB-OCT2014-FB-87 BB-OCT2014-FB-106 BB-OCT2014-FB-130 BB-OCT2014-FB-82 BB-OCT2014-FB-167 BB-OCT2014-FB-177 BB-OCT2014-FB-129 BB-Knits-1024px-LS-75 BB-Knits-1024px-LS-97 BB-Knits-1024px-LS-181 BB-Knits-1024px-LS-113 BB-Knits-1024px-LS-140 BB-Knits-1024px-LS-dt-7BB-jackets-FB-139

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