Weddings & Couples In Love

Weddings are such an amazingly wonderful joy to photograph. Your story unfolds throughout your day from makeup and hair with the girls, to the boys nervously checking their speeches, walking down the isle, the ceremony and of course the party with friends and family that follows.

But more than this, what do you want to remember at the end of the day? The love.

Wedding photography is an investment in artistically captured images. Images that tell the story of your day; tiny details, emotions and moments.

This means working together to make sure our vision for your day is captured as you have dreamed. So let’s catch up and chat over a coffee? Contact me here for more details.


Bec&Jake_25Aug18_web-403Bec&Jake_25Aug18_web-347Bec&Jake_25Aug18_web-424Hannah_09Feb18_web-64Hannah_09Feb18_web-55Hannah_09Feb18_web-67 sj-l-4-2sj-l-1sj-f-1sj-c-41scottmeredith-web-286scottmeredith-web-257scottmeredith-web-129Brad&Kylie-Print-342 Brad&Kylie-B-181 Brad&Kylie-B-172 Brad&Kylie-B-147 Brad&Kylie-B-130 Brad&Kylie-B-106Annabel-1 Annabel-1-3 Boys-65 Boys-130 Boys-177 Boys-190 Cass+Steve-1-16 Cass+Steve-3Cass+Steve-2-8Cass+Steve-2-12Cass+Steve-2-18 Cass+Steve-2-15 Cass+Steve-2-34 Details-lighter-2 Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-143 Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-180 Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-217 Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-318Bronwen-LR-68 Bronwen-LR-39 Bronwen-LR-76 Rings-1 WeddingPt3-64 WeddingPt3-33 WeddingPt3-4 WeddingPt3-46 WeddingPt2-10 WeddingPt3-39

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