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This family is about to celebrate their daughter’s second birthday. Before she turns two, they had a very quick little photo session on a chilly winter’s morning by the sea.

This session was all about Ady.

She was happy to jump in puddles and explore her world. She was trying her best to tell me how old she would be holding two tiny fingers up to show me. You might also catch a glimpse of her dog Watson in the background too.

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Family sessions are about joy, they’re about laughter, they’re about every day. Renee is a super-special, beautiful friend of mine who shares a passion for capturing the every day. Her husband Jed had actually requested this shoot so Renee could be a part of it (us photogs do not get in front of the camera enough) so I knew when we did this session that it would be fun.

Renee and Jed made a sea change a few years back and now are fully entrenched in their seaside community. Afternoon walks on the beach, nippers, paddle boarding…

This is where they live.

It’s where they belong.

They’ll always have a place in their heart for where they grew up but have created a loving home for their little family and can’t imagine life any other way. What better place to have our session than their local beach. The place they know; a place that has special meaning and memories to them.

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For Annie’s 1st birthday, her mum & dad wanted to get some photographs of her. So one sunny morning we captured little Annie up to mischief & investigating her world. Precious. Read More

I love photographing families. You can feel the love. And better still, I love getting to know everyone during our session. Often the kids are a little shy when they first get in front of the camera (although some are natural performers!). Photographing this little family was a joy. Watching these cute kids interact with their parents is what I love most – kisses and hugs, giggles and laughter, tickles and chasing. A little bit of the everyday & a whole lot of love. Read More

Leo’s Christening was like no other I have ever experienced. It was a whirlwind of love where every member of his family was close by & sharing in this special occasion. Leo was dressed at the Church by his family and cradled in the arms of his loved ones before, during and after. So many people who adore him so. He’s one very lucky little boy. He is already blessed.

Leo-SpecialOccasion-45 Leo-SpecialOccasion-6 Leo-SpecialOccasion-5Leo-SpecialOccasion-3 Leo-SpecialOccasion-2Leo-SpecialOccasion-dt Leo-SpecialOccasion Leo-SpecialOccasion-P Leo-SpecialOccasion-10 Leo-SpecialOccasion-8Leo-SpecialOccasion-P-2 Leo-SpecialOccasion-dt-2 Leo-SpecialOccasion-13 Leo-SpecialOccasion-14 Leo-SpecialOccasion-15 Leo-SpecialOccasion-16 Leo-SpecialOccasion-dt-3 Leo-SpecialOccasion-19 Leo-SpecialOccasion-21 Leo-SpecialOccasion-20 Leo-SpecialOccasion-22 Leo-SpecialOccasion-dt-4 Leo-SpecialOccasion-23 Leo-SpecialOccasion-dt-5 Leo-SpecialOccasion-24 Leo-SpecialOccasion-P-5Leo-SpecialOccasion-26 Leo-SpecialOccasion-25 Leo-SpecialOccasion-28Leo-SpecialOccasion-P-6 Leo-SpecialOccasion-33 Leo-SpecialOccasion-31Leo-SpecialOccasion-P-4 Leo-SpecialOccasion-34 Leo-SpecialOccasion-39 Leo-SpecialOccasion-35 Leo-SpecialOccasion-41Leo-SpecialOccasion-P-10 Leo-SpecialOccasion-P-11 Leo-SpecialOccasion-42 Leo-SpecialOccasion-46 Leo-SpecialOccasion-48 Leo-SpecialOccasion-47Leo-SpecialOccasion-dt-11 Leo-SpecialOccasion-62 Leo-SpecialOccasion-64 Leo-SpecialOccasion-57 Leo-SpecialOccasion-dt-7 Leo-SpecialOccasion-50Leo-SpecialOccasion-56 Leo-SpecialOccasion-55 Leo-SpecialOccasion-63 Leo-SpecialOccasion-P-12 Leo-SpecialOccasion-54 Leo-SpecialOccasion-52 Leo-SpecialOccasion-dt-8 Leo-SpecialOccasion-P-13Leo-SpecialOccasion-dt-10 Leo-SpecialOccasion-P-15Leo-SpecialOccasion-61

Thank you Vivien & Josh for inviting me to record the beautiful event that unfolded for little Leo. It was such a pleasure to document your day. K x

Photography Kylie Carson Photography  | Floral Styling – Sandy @ Floranectar | Event Venue – Angelo @ Cucina 105 | Cake & Cookies – Denin @ Spoon and Fork Cookies and Cakes | Cake Topper – Kyrie @ Glistening Occasions | Macarons – Thanh @ T&E’s Macarons

The sweetest little family of four about to become a family of five. We spent the morning in the park for a family lifestyle session capturing the cutest grins and watching kids be kids. Renae-LR-web-5 Renae-LR-web-7 Renae-LR-web-12 Renae-LR-web-16 Renae-LR-web-19 Renae-LR-web-20 Renae-LR-web-22 Renae-LR-web-24 Renae-LR-web-31 Renae-LR-web-32 Renae-LR-web-33 Renae-LR-web-34 Renae-LR-web-36 Renae-LR-web-38 Renae-LR-web-40 Renae-LR-web-43 Renae-LR-web-46 Renae-LR-web-49 Renae-LR-web-52 Renae-LR-web-53 Renae-LR-web-55 Renae-LR-web-58 Renae-LR-web-59 Renae-LR-web-63 Renae-LR-web-66 Renae-LR-web-70 Renae-LR-web-72Renae-LR-web-84 Renae-LR-web-75Renae-LR-web-81 Renae-LR-web-79Thank you for letting me capture some special moments for you Renae & Michael. Wishing you all the best for the arrival of your next bundle of joy very soon. xo

Sharon & her boys met me for a mini-session. Whenever I photograph children the same age as my own, it’s always beautiful to observe the love of a mother for her son. Plenty of love here.Sharon-1 Sharon-2 Sharon-3 Sharon-4 Sharon-6 Sharon-7 Sharon-9 Sharon-11 Sharon-12 Sharon-13 Sharon-14 Sharon-15 Sharon-16 Sharon-17 Sharon-18 Sharon-19 Sharon-20 Sharon-21 Sharon-22

As the sun was setting on a late Friday afternoon, the kids took me down the back of their property to take some photographs especially for their dad for Father’s Day wearing Dad’s business shirts. The golden light was peeking through the trees & we walked, trying helplessly to avoid the Farmer’s ‘Friends’. It was little Emma’s first birthday only a couple of weeks ago & she was walking – just. It was just beautiful to watch the bond between her & her siblings – especially her eldest sister.

Their dad popped home unexpectedly & caught us in action – Dad’s can be a little unpredictable like that! Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s here in Australia for this weekend. I hope you have a wonderful day with your families.


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