Lifelong Friends


You know when you meet someone for the first time and you just ‘click’? This time last year I flew to Melbourne and while I was there I met someone I had been following on Instagram for quite some time. Bec is an A-Maz-ING photographer and it just so happens that she’s a pretty special person too. It’s a long distance friendship but there are so many things we have in common that that’s ok.

During this trip, we decided to throw 8 kids together; hers and mine, and see what might happen. Like us, they got along like a house on fire, particularly these two. We had an inkling that these two would get along. They both seemed to have both equal parts sweetness & cheekiness. The giggles were infectious and the laughter echoed down the hallways. There were hair salons, teachers, chalkboard drawings, roller skating and trampolining in the backyard. We explored the surrounding bushland and we ate snacks like they grew on trees.

Anyone else would think it was chaos… but what a beautiful chaos it was.


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