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A collection of images from Jaxon’s newborn session. It is not until you have a baby that you realise how precious life can be and how much joy a little person can bring to the ordinary every day. Couldn’t you just endlessly stare at them? Like, all day? Read More

When I walk into someone’s home I never quite know what to expect but one thing is guaranteed – the love of new parents for their newborn. That is what I’m trying to capture. Together with some beautiful smiles, I’m trying to capture those other quirky faces – the ones you see all the time. And the natural things you do with your baby; cuddling in your rocking chair, your bed, the lounge, changing nappies, feeding and gazing into those eyes. Read More

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” ~ Dr Seuss

This is why, when I walk into a home for a newborn lifestyle session, I stay for a while. I want to capture those moments that we see every day. I want to bring back those feelings that you felt when you held them, fed them, changed nappies, woke in the mornings; those moments you experience everyday. You will value those photographs more than any other. Read More

When Elisa asked me to photograph her wedding earlier this year, I was so thrilled. It was such a beautiful, intimate occasion. You can see some of their images here. So when she asked me to photograph her gorgeous little daughter, I couldn’t have been happier to capture some more precious moments. Read More

I never knew how much love my heart could hold until I had my first born. And then there was another and I was again taken with my new baby, and then again and again. Every time. For hours I would stare at their tiny faces, completely consumed by love. Yes, there were times where I felt overwhelmingly tired, where I was exhausted too, but there is something about being a mother that makes it all ok. Taking care of a baby is the most important thing you can do.

This is a beautiful family with 3 boys; each one of them with their own gorgeous little personalities and very lucky to be surrounded by love.

Will--1 Will--2 Will--7Will--1-2 Will--8 Will--1-5 Will--11Will-dt-1-2 Will--1-8Will-8 Will--25 Will--14 Will--1-9 Will--1-7Will--27Will-dt-1 Will--31 Will--33 Will--30 Will--29Will--5 Will-17 Will--3

Congratulations Renae & Michael on the birth of little Will. He’s just wonderful! x

Babies have a way of making you feel renewed; like all is good with the world and all your problems melt away. They are life. They are precious. They need protection and love. But don’t we all?

“Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”A. A. Milne

Ariana | 14 days

Ariana-2Ariana Ariana-21 Ariana-4 Ariana-5 Ariana-dt-5 Ariana-7 Ariana-8Ariana-dt-4 Ariana-23 Ariana-11 Ariana-12Ariana-dt-3Ariana-26 Ariana-13 Ariana-24 Ariana-dt-7Ariana-15Ariana-dt-2 Ariana-16 Ariana-17 Ariana-20

Congratulations Natalie & Ross. Wishing you all the best with your newest adventure. xo

Little Eloise is a beautiful gift. Her parents are so obviously in love & relishing parenthood. I could see them getting lost in her baby stare. I remember whiling the hours away just looking at my new baby. So tiny. So precious; not quite believing that they were mine.

Eloise-LR-5 Eloise-LR-133 E-KCP-1 Eloise-LR-135 Eloise-LR-132 Eloise-LR-44 E-KCP-2E-KCP2-1 E-KCP-3 Eloise-LR-61 Eloise-LR-80 Eloise-LR-70 Eloise-LR-112 Eloise-LR-113Eloise-LR-127Eloise-LR-129Eloise-LR-32Room-1Eloise-LR-138Eloise-LR-140

It was such a pleasure getting to know little Eloise & chatting with her mum & dad about life with a new baby. While I was there the community nurse took her measurements. In two weeks this little doll has grown so much. They’ve definitely got the hang of it these two. A beautiful little gift for two very lovely people.

Congratulations Nick & Ali. xo

Archer is almost 8 weeks old. He’s had a rough start & very lucky to be here. He spent the first week of his life in the ICU with pneumonia. I cannot imagine how scary that is for a any parent.

While he’s much better & back home with mum, dad & his big sister, they’re still keeping a watchful eye over him. And Archer seems quite happy about that. I visited him & his mum this week & took some photographs of his very wise & worldly face. He looks old beyond his 8 weeks. Loved.

Archer-20May14-LR-1 Archer-20May14-LR-2Archer-20May14-LR-6 Archer-20May14-LR-4 Archer-20May14-LR-7 Archer-20May14-LR-9 Archer-20May14-LR-14 Archer-20May14-LR-15 Archer-20May14-LR-16 Archer-20May14-LR-18 Archer-20May14-LR-19 Archer-20May14-LR-25 Archer-20May14-LR-27 Archer-20May14-LR-28 Archer-20May14-LR-21 Archer-20May14-LR-23

A beautiful new addition to this family. Now there are two little people in this house. The first of the two is particularly energetic & is definitely keeping mum on her toes. He’s a bouncing ball jumping from one place to the next. That’s what I love about watching little kids. They have so much joy. So much curiosity. It’s a good thing. But for a new mum it can also be exhausting. So while I was in this loving home just a while, it brought back wonderful memories of my own time with my two girls who were 19 months apart. All the sleepless nights, nappy changes & one very energetic toddler – but I wouldn’t change a thing. And I’m sure this little family wouldn’t either.Ch-29Apr14-LR-2Ch-diptych-2Ch-29Apr14-LR-1 Ch-diptych-3Ch-29Apr14-LR-18Ch-29Apr14-LR-32 Ch-29Apr14-LR-93 Ch-29Apr14-LR-94Ch-diptych-4 Ch-29Apr14-LR-105 Ch-29Apr14-LR-106 Ch-29Apr14-LR-107 Ch-29Apr14-LR-108 Ch-29Apr14-LR-112 Ch-29Apr14-LR-116Ch-diptych-5Ch-29Apr14-LR-74Ch-29Apr14-LR-76Ch-29Apr14-LR-84Ch-29Apr14-LR-134Ch-29Apr14-LR-136Ch-29Apr14-LR-138 Ch-29Apr14-LR-139 Ch-29Apr14-LR-142 Ch-29Apr14-LR-145 Ch-29Apr14-LR-147 Ch-29Apr14-LR-149Thank you so much for inviting me into your home to share in the joy of your little people.

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