Isobel | 14 days {newborns}

When Elisa asked me to photograph her wedding earlier this year, I was so thrilled. It was such a beautiful, intimate occasion. You can see some of their images here. So when she asked me to photograph her gorgeous little daughter, I couldn’t have been happier to capture some more precious moments.

Elisa & Nicolas welcomed baby Isobel to their family in late June 2015. A long awaited addition to their beautiful blended family (Isobel has two big brothers & two big sisters), this newborn session was all about Isobel. She is very much adored by her parents & quite clearly going to be spoilt by all around her.

It’s always an honour to capture these tiny people. They are only so small for such a very short time.

Isobel-LR-Web-1 Isobel-LR-Web-3 Isobel-LR-Web-6 Isobel-LR-Web-8 Isobel-LR-Web-14 Isobel-LR-Web-15Isobel-1 Isobel-LR-Web-21 Isobel-2Isobel-LR-Web-25 Isobel-LR-Web-27 Isobel-LR-Web-29 Isobel-LR-Web-31 Isobel-1-2 Isobel-LR-Web-44 Isobel-3 Isobel-1-3Isobel-2-2Isobel-LR-Web-55

A big congratulations and lots of love to Elisa, Nicolas & your families.

K xo

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