The Lee Family {Families}

I love photographing families. You can feel the love. And better still, I love getting to know everyone during our session. Often the kids are a little shy when they first get in front of the camera (although some are natural performers!). Photographing this little family was a joy. Watching these cute kids interact with their parents is what I love most – kisses and hugs, giggles and laughter, tickles and chasing. A little bit of the everyday & a whole lot of love.Tim&Toni-LS-7Tim&Toni-SS-2 Tim&Toni-SS-3 Tim&Toni-LS-15Tim&Toni-dt-5 Tim&Toni-LS-19Tim&Toni-dt-1 Tim&Toni-LS-30Tim&Toni-SS-11 Tim&Toni-LS-33 Tim&Toni-LS-34Tim&Toni-dt-6 Tim&Toni-LS-42 Tim&Toni-LS-43 Tim&Toni-LS-44 Tim&Toni-LS-45 Tim&Toni-LS-47 Tim&Toni-LS-52 Tim&Toni-LS-55Tim&Toni-SS-15Tim&Toni-SS-19 Tim&Toni-SS-22Tim&Toni-LS-65Tim&Toni-LS-66Tim&Toni-dt-2-2 Tim&Toni-LS-74 Tim&Toni-LS-83 Tim&Toni-LS-85Tim&Toni-dt-3 Tim&Toni-LS-93Tim&Toni-dt-1-2Tim&Toni-SS-36 Tim&Toni-SS-37Tim&Toni-dt-4Tim&Toni-LS-97Tim&Toni-LS-100 Tim&Toni-LS-103 Tim&Toni-LS-117Tim&Toni-LS-106Tim&Toni-SS-40 Tim&Toni-LS-111 Tim&Toni-LS-112 Tim&Toni-LS-115 Tim&Toni-LS-120 Tim&Toni-LS-4 Tim&Toni-LS-1 Tim&Toni-LS-3 If you are interested in a short family lifestyle photography session, please contact me. I would love to photograph your family too. xo

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