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Eliza and Josh, like many couples over the past two years, had to postpone their wedding due to a pandemic that changed the way we have lived in the world. A weekend with family and friends was well overdue and what better way to celebrate than a wedding in the magical hills of the Hunter Valley.

They shared the story of their love during their ceremony. It started with a date after connecting online. Then Eliza introduced all her boyfriends, and Josh introduced his friends and their tiny painted figurines. Their vows described how Josh had popped the question during a romantic trip to the south coast and how their love has grown from strength to strength over the past couple of years.

Despite a little wet weather, a fabulous bunch of people celebrated with an abundance of love and lots of laughter. Congratulations Eliza & Josh!

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Paul and Rhiannon invited me to photograph their wedding in one of the most tumultuous years that the wedding industry has ever faced. In fact, all of us can say that this year was one of the hardest years for everyone. But instead of feeling disappointed, frustrated or lost, Paul and Rhiannon showed strength, determination and love. They were grateful for the people who supported them to pull off a stunning Southern Highlands wedding in the midst of a pandemic.

Like all the women in her family before her, Rhiannon had been handed down the most beautiful gift; a gift that had been passed from generation to generation. Her embroidered veil had been worn by her mother when she married her father, and before that her grandmother at her wedding and her great grandmother when she was married. This tradition has also passed down to her cousins who have also worn the veil which has become a family heirloom and a tradition that will continue to be passed down together with the tales of every bride it has adorned.

And what do you do when dancing is limited and guests need to be seated? You put on a pantomime! Wedding speeches done differently – a creative interlude about marriage.

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Jake and Bree are my kind of people. They are both teachers. Teachers who work hard to support our children to become creative, innovative individuals. On the day of their wedding, their friends and guests watched in awe as Bree walked down the aisle in the a little corner of Sydney Harbour.

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Kiama – where the rolling green hills meet the sea. But more than that, this place is where Jarryd & Lauren spend much of their time relaxing in those moments in between the daily grind. This is their special place, full of memories and moments cherished with family and close friends.

Jarryd & Lauren were married on a super hot day in November. Their love for each other as strong as their love for their little boy who joined them in their celebration. When I arrived to meet Lauren as she was getting ready, I asked Sonny ‘Who’s getting married today?” He replied “Mummy, Daddy and meeeee!”

And so, here is the wedding of Jarryd, Lauren & Sonny.

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After the proposal, the excitement, preparation and anticipation of the wedding begins. Jake and Rebecca have been together for a long time and knew that one day this moment would arrive.

High School sweethearts, these two have been sharing their lives for over a decade. Jake knew that he liked Bec after spotting her at a high school party and apparently visited her at work many times just to see her. Jake became a Subway regular and eventually plucked up the nerve to ask her out.

Now, they share their love with their family and friends at the stunning Milton Park Country House.

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Preparing for your wedding is such an exciting time. Once the venue is booked, you’ve decided on styling, found your ideal photographer 🙂 and you’ve found that perfect dress, you can rest up and let the celebrations begin. The lead up to your wedding shouldn’t be stressful… and when you’ve got family and friends who happily throw you the MOST AMAZING bridal shower, what could possibly stress you out?

Here are some images from Sophia’s Bridal Shower Lunch with all her special girls in her life in amongst the gorgeously styled peachy tones and soft inviting light at the super delicious Avli Restaurant.

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When I think of romance, I think of flowers, candlelit dinners, picnics, quiet spaces, warm hugs but more than anything tangible it is that connection with someone special that you can’t find words to express. The way that special someone makes you feel when they sweep you up in their open arms can be breathtaking; and when you are alone on a clifftop in the magical Blue Mountains, you may just believe you are the only people who exist in the world.

Hannah creates this kind of scene for her clients set against the beautiful backdrop of the Blue Mountains escarpment. She provides the colourful, delectable delights on a platter – cheese, dip, figs, berries, grapes and more. But more than that, it’s the peaceful opportunity to connect. Indulge your senses and let Hannah create something magical for you and your someone.Hannah_09Feb18_web-10Hannah_09Feb18_web-7Hannah_09Feb18_web-41Picnic-2Hannah_09Feb18_web-15Hannah_09Feb18_web-58Hannah_09Feb18_web-47Hannah_09Feb18_web-65 Read More

Renee & Dean | Married

When you know everything about someone; when you know how they’re feeling even when they don’t say a word – that’s the kind of relationship Renee & Dean have. A love of basketball, bunnies (Dean really is a softie- shhhh, don’t tell anyone) and fishing. These two have built a strong base for their marriage.

To be invited to share their day before family and friends and observe such joy was a privilege. The nerves, laughter, delight, friendships, glee (from the little ones), eagerness, anticipation, joy, love and affection – these are emotions that show we have lived.

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When I arrived at the hotel where Meredith and her best friends, her bridesmaids, were getting ready. There was a sea of family in the tiny room – all there to help Meredith in any way. Meredith’s exquisite hand-beaded peach coloured dress was magnificent and worthy of it’s feature on Season 1, Episode 2 of ‘Say Yes to the Dress Australia’. I watched in trepidation as her bridesmaids delicately cut around the beading of the bodice and anxiously photographed these little moments that are often overlooked. I’ve never seen scissors quite so close to a wedding dress before! After a sigh of relief, Meredith was ready to make her way to the ceremony.

Scott + Meredith were married in an intimate ceremony in the courtyard of the historic Mint, the oldest public building in Sydney. After travelling the world, Meredith returned to Sydney where she met Scott. They now live life overlooking the harbour but dream of a little cottage in the Blue Mountains. Both a little shy, they opted for just a few family and close friends to share in the celebration of their day. Wishing the happy couple all the best for a wonderful life together.

“What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life – to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories.” – George Eliot

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Two things were very clear after photographing Shaan and John’s wedding in the picturesque Blue Mountains. Shaan is a humungous Jon Bon Jovi fan (let’s consider her new hubby’s name a moment)… and John is a mad cricketer. Their wedding truly represented both their personalities in the little touches that they included in their day; the songs that were played, the cuff links of the groom and his groomsmen and the incredible playlist that created an electrifying atmosphere on the dance floor just to name a few. Read More

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