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Continued learning is such an important part of my life. I love to learn more about photography and improve my skills. Finding inspiration amongst other photographers, the beauty in nature and the emotions of the people around me.

Annabel-1-2 Read More

This wedding was oh so amazing. Not just because of the picturesque venue or the attention to detail but because the bride & groom were just phenomenally fun-loving people. Their vows were some of the most sincere, honest & humorous vows I have heard at any wedding I’ve ever been to. And I do hope Emma holds Jarrod to his promises! Read More

Is there anything more heart-warming than seeing two people in love?

Watching these two during our session made me all nostalgic. It reminded me of a time before my kids entered my life, when it was all about us – my husband and I. When we were so consumed by our love for each other that nothing else mattered. Read More

I remember thinking when I first met Elisa that she’s my kind of person. She is everything I look for in a friend; kind, caring, genuine, supportive, thoughtful, vivacious, happy, hilarious, loud, & fun. So, Nicolas is one lucky man. It was a beautiful ceremony before close family and friends to celebrate their joy of finding each other. Oh, the places you will go… Read More

Lanna & Mark were married before an intimate group of family & friends. It was a simple ceremony on a warm Summer’s day amongst the beautiful gardens of Gledswood Homestead. Lanna’s exquisite gown was unique; a corset & a cascading flow of lace and fabric, tied so carefully behind, reminiscent of times gone by. A day filled with love, laughter, happiness & a little dancing on the side. Read More

Stephen & Cassandra have been in love for many years. Their wedding was very much a family affair. Their children were their groomsmen & bridesmaid together with Cassandra’s sister. It was a confirmation of their love. A celebration of family. And after so long together, it was beautiful to see how smitten these two were on the day. Cheeky little smiles from the bride & laughter all around. A beautiful wedding co-ordinated by family. The girls had made their own bouquets after a trip to the flower market. Grandma had collected mason jars for 6 months for the  table decorations. The groom & their son had decorated the room on the morning of the wedding. All aspects of their wedding had special meaning to them & that’s the way it should be. Here are a few of the images from their wonderful day. Cass+Steve-1 Cass+Steve-3Cass+Steve-1-8Cass+Steve-1-9Cass+Steve-dt-1Cass+Steve-1-5Cass+Steve-1-11Cass+Steve-1-1Cass+Steve-1-2Cass+Steve-1-3Cass+Steve-1-4Cass+Steve-1-6Cass+Steve-1-7Cass+Steve-1-13Cass+Steve-1-14Cass+Steve-1-15Cass+Steve-dt-2Cass+Steve-1-19Cass+Steve-1-17Cass+Steve-1-18Cass+Steve-1-16Cass+Steve-1-20Cass+Steve-dt-3Cass+Steve-2-1Cass+Steve-2-2Cass+Steve-2-3Cass+Steve-dt-4Cass+Steve-2-4Cass+Steve-2-5Cass+Steve-2-6Cass+Steve-2-7Cass+Steve-2-8Cass+Steve-2-9Cass+Steve-2-10Cass+Steve-2-11Cass+Steve-2-12Cass+Steve-2-13Cass+Steve-2-14Cass+Steve-2-15Cass+Steve-LR-142Cass+Steve-2-16Cass+Steve-dt-5Cass+Steve-2-17Cass+Steve-dt-6Cass+Steve-2-18Cass+Steve-2-19Cass+Steve-2-20Cass+Steve-2-21Cass+Steve-2-22Cass+Steve-2-23Cass+Steve-2-24Cass+Steve-2-25Cass+Steve-dt-10Cass+Steve-2-26Cass+Steve-2-27Cass+Steve-dt-8Cass+Steve-dt-9Cass+Steve-2-33Cass+Steve-2-34Cass+Steve-LR-261Cass+Steve-2-37Cass+Steve-2-39Cass+Steve-2-38Cass+Steve-dt-11Cass+Steve-LR-246Cass+Steve-LR-254

“I loved you yesterday.

I love you still.

I always have and always will.”

Congratulations Cass & Steve. xo

Ryan & Naomi are so down to earth. They were both so calm & relaxed on the morning of their big day. You could tell that they enjoyed every minute of their beautiful Blue Mountains wedding. So did their guests. There were smiles everywhere I looked. Admiration & love. It was joyful to be part of something so special. My good friend Renee stayed with the bride to capture every moment of her preparations in the morning while I headed off to see the groom. When I arrived I quickly realised that the groom & the groomsmen were going to keep me laughing all day long. Brothers in arms. I truly enjoyed every moment. Watching the bride & groom embraced by family & friends always makes me feel grateful – humbled to be a recording the story of their day. Thank you Ryan & Naomi for inviting me to share in the love. R&N-diptych-1-2Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-20R&N-diptychs-11Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-24Details-lighter-2R&N-diptychs-12R&N-diptychs-13Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-30Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-33Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-37Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-35R&N-diptychs-10Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-29Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-40 Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-42R&N-diptychs-9 Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-45 Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-47 Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-48R&N-diptychs-8Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-90Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-53Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-55 Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-59 Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-65R&N-diptychs-socks-14Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-62 Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-74 Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-80Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-86Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-92Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-95Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-97Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-98Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-118Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-119Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-122Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-103Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-108Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-104Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-121Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-100R&N-diptychs-7R&N-diptych-15-1Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-133Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-134Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-136R&N-diptychs-6Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-139Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-140Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-142Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-143Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-152Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-155Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-157Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-162Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-165Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-167Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-173Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-176Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-180Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-187Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-192Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-194Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-196Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-210R&N-diptych-1Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-205Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-214Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-217Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-220Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-221Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-222Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-223Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-227Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-228Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-231Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-233Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-236Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-239Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-259Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-260Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-248Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-251Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-257Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-264Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-283Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-286Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-301Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-303Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-304Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-308Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-309Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-310Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-316Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-317Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-318R&N-diptychs-1Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-324Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-347Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-349R&N-diptychs-socks-2Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-350Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-356R&N-diptychs-socks-4Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-372Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-379Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-387Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-388R&N-diptychs-socks-5Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-403Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-405Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-409Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-413R&N-diptychs-socks-3Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-419Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-422Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-424Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-433Ryan&Naomi-29Mar14-421All photographs in this post by me. The wedding of Ryan & Naomi was photographed together with my good friend Renee of Renee Robertson Makeup, Tanning & Photography.

Cermony:  Springwood Presbyterian Church.   Reception:  Yarramundi House, Richmond, NSW.

Makeup: Renee Robertson Makeup, Tanning & Photography.

Everyone has things they love. We all like different types of music, different flavours in our meals, different hair styles and clothes. We each have our own style. We decorate our houses differently. We like different brands of coffee, crisps and cars.

Mark & Lana wear different clothes to me. They listen to different music. They drive the cutest little 1959 black VW Beetle I’ve ever seen (with it’s original radio).

This photo shoot was different. It was unique. From the moment I met them I could tell they were happy, kind & in love. They made me laugh. And I’m very excited to be photographing their wedding with Beck Dunn Photography.

AM-21Jan14-3AM-21Jan14-7AM-21Jan14-2 AM-21Jan14-9 AM-21Jan14-12 AM-21Jan14-15 AM-21Jan14-16 AM-21Jan14-19 AM-21Jan14-20 AM-21Jan14-22 AM-21Jan14-26 AM-21Jan14-28 AM-21Jan14-29 AM-21Jan14-31 AM-21Jan14-39 AM-21Jan14-43 AM-21Jan14-50AM-21Jan14-62 AM-21Jan14-5AM-21Jan14-53 AM-21Jan14-55 AM-21Jan14-59 AM-21Jan14-61 AM-21Jan14-66 AM-21Jan14-68 AM-21Jan14-69 AM-21Jan14-73 AM-21Jan14-74 AM-21Jan14-77 AM-21Jan14-106 AM-21Jan14-105AM-21Jan14-85AM-21Jan14-93 AM-21Jan14-97AM-21Jan14-71

Together with my very good friend Renee, we met & photographed Ryan & Naomi by the beach as the sun was setting behind the hills.

It was windy at the beach as the wild ocean pounded the rocks where we had intended to photograph this lovely couple. Instead, we took shelter by the tall pine trees.

These are a few of my images…

Naomi-Ryan-LR-2 Naomi-Ryan-LR-3 Naomi-Ryan-LR-7 Naomi-Ryan-LR-12 Naomi-Ryan-LR-13 Naomi-Ryan-LR-14 Naomi-Ryan-LR-16 Naomi-Ryan-LR-17 Naomi-Ryan-LR-20 Naomi-Ryan-LR-22 Naomi-Ryan-LR-23 Naomi-Ryan-LR-25 Naomi-Ryan-LR-27 Naomi-Ryan-LR-28 Naomi-Ryan-LR-30 Naomi-Ryan-LR-31 Naomi-Ryan-LR-33 Naomi-Ryan-LR-34 Naomi-Ryan-LR-36 Naomi-Ryan-LR-41 Naomi-Ryan-LR-39 Naomi-Ryan-LR-42

Looking forward to collaborating with Renee Robertson Make-up, Tanning & Photography in March 2014 for a fabulous Blue Mountains wedding.

Congratulations! A couple of months ago Justin & Bronwen got engaged & now they’re planning their wedding. So needless to say, they’re all loved up & ready to take the next step. The photographs speak for themselves.

Bronwen-LR-1 Bronwen-LR-3 Bronwen-LR-6 Bronwen-LR-9 Bronwen-LR-10 Bronwen-LR-19 Bronwen-LR-20 Bronwen-LR-22 Bronwen-LR-24 Bronwen-LR-25 Bronwen-LR-26 Bronwen-LR-34 Bronwen-LR-35 Bronwen-LR-36 Bronwen-LR-37 Bronwen-LR-39 Bronwen-LR-40 Bronwen-LR-41Bronwen-LR-42 Bronwen-LR-50 Bronwen-LR-51 Bronwen-LR-52 Bronwen-LR-54 Bronwen-LR-62 Bronwen-LR-68 Bronwen-LR-71 Bronwen-LR-70 Bronwen-LR-74 Bronwen-LR-76 Bronwen-LR-78 Bronwen-LR-82 Bronwen-LR-87 Bronwen-LR-89 Bronwen-LR-86

Thank you so much for letting me photograph & record your love. Wishing you every happiness in the world. xo

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