Natalie & David | Married

On New Year’s Eve, Natalie & David were married in an intimate ceremony before a small gathering of family and friends on David’s father’s rural property in the Blue Mountains.  It was a beautiful rustic setting with lawn games (think giant jenga and twister). The champagne was flowing and it was a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Natalie & David were very happy and humble. They shared their talents with their guests. David, a chef, prepared dinner donning an apron & firing up the BBQ with steak and chicken. All the guests remarked how breathtaking it was to be served by the bride & groom. As they begin their journey in life together, they showed us all how giving can be truly more pleasurable than receiving. Congratulations Natalie & David. May your life together be as beautiful as your special day.

Nat&David-1 Nat&David-2 Nat&David-3Nat&David-1-9Nat&David-2-2 Nat&David-3-2Nat&David-4Nat&David-1-4Nat&David-1-11Nat&David-1-10 Nat&David-1-7Nat&David-2-3Nat&David-3-3Nat&David-8 Nat&David-9NDWedding-4NDWedding-3 NDWedding-1-3 NDWedding-1 NDWedding-8 NDWedding-5Nat&David-LR-web-81 Nat&David-LR-web-85 Nat&David-LR-web-86 Nat&David-LR-web-87 Nat&David-LR-web-89 Nat&David-LR-web-93 Nat&David-LR-web-102Nat&David-LR-web-100NDWedding-6 Nat&David-LR-web-103Nat&David-LR-web-120 Nat&David-LR-web-104Nat&David-LR-web-106Nat&David-LR-web-124 Nat&David-LR-web-125Nat&David-LR-web-123 Nat&David-LR-web-129 Nat&David-LR-web-136 Nat&David-LR-web-137 Nat&David-LR-web-141 Nat&David-LR-web-143 Nat&David-LR-web-217 Nat&David-LR-web-220 Nat&David-LR-web-224Nat&David-LR-web-222 Nat&David-LR-web-227Nat&David-LR-web-226 Nat&David-LR-web-231 Nat&David-LR-web-236 Nat&David-LR-web-239 Nat&David-LR-web-240 Nat&David-LR-web-243 Nat&David-LR-web-250Nat&David-LR-web-256Nat&David-LR-web-260 NDWedding-16 NDWedding-1-2NDWedding-15Nat&David-LR-web-314NDWedding-9Natalie&David-1Nat&David-LR-web-345Nat&David-LR-web-362Nat&David-LR-web-355Nat&David-LR-web-363NDWedding-17

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