Kylie & Brad {Couples in Love}

I met with Kylie & Brad this afternoon to take a few photographs before their wedding day which is just over two weeks away. Getting to know couples who are getting married is one of the best parts of my job. Kylie & Brad are the couple who don’t like getting their photograph taken. My sister is exactly the same. I understand that some people don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera. This is part of the reason I like taking candid images best. But on your wedding day, you’re going to be the centre of attention; people (& me) are going to take photographs. So to put their mind at ease, we took some photographs so that on the day they can relax, enjoy and know that the photographs are in safe hands.

I can not wait to see these two at their Queenstown, NZ ceremony with all their family & friends. They make such a sweet couple & I wish them both a lifetime of happiness.




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