Brad & Kylie | Married

Brad & Kylie’s wedding was like a dream come true. To be asked to travel to one of my favourite places in the world and capture this beautiful wedding was a very special. I still can’t believe that people ask me to take photographs at their wedding.

I loved that Brad & Kylie spent the lead up to their wedding and the few days afterwards with their family and friends who had travelled from Australia and around New Zealand to be a part of their special day. They went jet boating, tobogganing, golf and a few great nights out at the local pubs.

The best man gave me a little more information about how Brad had captured Kylie’s attention. Apparently the key to Kylie’s heart was ‘biscuits’. While Kylie was living in Sydney she missed a few things from home in New Zealand other than family and friends. So at the time Brad was trying to win her heart, he travelled with some mates around New Zealand and at each stop he purchased these biscuits to take back to Sydney with him. They kept asking him why until he crumbled and admitted they were for a girl he liked. From that point forward, his friends and family affectionately called her ‘biscuits’.

Brad & Kylie’s wedding was so romantic. Beautifully put together by One Fine Day Weddings in Queenstown, NZ with floral arrangements to die for and a gorgeous location at The Winehouse by the famous AJ Hackett Bungy bridge. The beautiful turquoise water, the mountain backdrop and two people in love, surrounded by family and friends. Perfect.
Brad&Kylie-B-1 Brad&Kylie-B-3 Brad&Kylie-B-8 Brad&Kylie-B-9B&K-1 Brad&Kylie-B-13 Brad&Kylie-B-14 Brad&Kylie-B-19 Brad&Kylie-B-20 Brad&Kylie-B-22 Brad&Kylie-B-24B&K-2 Brad&Kylie-B-27 Brad&Kylie-B-28 Brad&Kylie-B-29 Brad&Kylie-B-30 Brad&Kylie-B-35 Brad&Kylie-B-36 Brad&Kylie-B-37 Brad&Kylie-B-38 Brad&Kylie-B-39 Brad&Kylie-B-41 Brad&Kylie-B-43 Brad&Kylie-B-45 Brad&Kylie-B-47 Brad&Kylie-B-49 Brad&Kylie-B-50 Brad&Kylie-B-51 Brad&Kylie-B-52 Brad&Kylie-B-55 Brad&Kylie-B-56 Brad&Kylie-B-60 Brad&Kylie-B-63 Brad&Kylie-B-64 Brad&Kylie-B-65 Brad&Kylie-B-66 Brad&Kylie-B-99Brad&Kylie-B-67
Brad&Kylie-B-68Brad&Kylie-B-69 Brad&Kylie-B-70Brad&Kylie-B-71 Brad&Kylie-B-72Brad&Kylie-B-76 Brad&Kylie-B-77 Brad&Kylie-B-79 Brad&Kylie-B-81 Brad&Kylie-B-82 Brad&Kylie-B-85 Brad&Kylie-B-88 Brad&Kylie-B-89 Brad&Kylie-B-90 Brad&Kylie-B-92 Brad&Kylie-B-93 Brad&Kylie-B-94 Brad&Kylie-B-106 Brad&Kylie-B-108 Brad&Kylie-B-109Brad&Kylie-Web-297 Brad&Kylie-B-112 Brad&Kylie-B-113 Brad&Kylie-B-116 Brad&Kylie-B-118 Brad&Kylie-B-119 Brad&Kylie-B-123 Brad&Kylie-B-124 Brad&Kylie-B-125 Brad&Kylie-B-126 Brad&Kylie-B-127 Brad&Kylie-B-128 Brad&Kylie-B-129 Brad&Kylie-B-130 Brad&Kylie-B-137B&K-1-3 Brad&Kylie-B-147B&K5-1Brad&Kylie-B-145Brad&Kylie-B-148 Brad&Kylie-B-149 Brad&Kylie-B-150 Brad&Kylie-B-151 Brad&Kylie-B-152B&K4-1-2 Brad&Kylie-B-155 Brad&Kylie-B-157 Brad&Kylie-B-158 Brad&Kylie-B-159 Brad&Kylie-B-162Brad&Kylie-B-161 Brad&Kylie-B-164 Brad&Kylie-B-165 Brad&Kylie-B-166 Brad&Kylie-B-167 Brad&Kylie-B-168 Brad&Kylie-B-169 Brad&Kylie-B-170 Brad&Kylie-B-171 Brad&Kylie-B-172 Brad&Kylie-B-176Brad&Kylie-B-173 Brad&Kylie-B-175 Brad&Kylie-B-177 Brad&Kylie-B-181B&K6-1 Brad&Kylie-B-186 Brad&Kylie-B-187

Photography Kylie Carson Photography | Event Styling One Fine Day Weddings, NZ | Floral Styling Kyla Davies, One Fine Day  | Dress Marry Me Bridal, Mosman, NSW | Makeup Artist JET Makeup Artist, NZ | Hair Beautiful Bridal HairHire Items Pop Creative, Wanaka, NZ  | Event Venue The Winehouse | Cake Cherry Blossom Cakes, NZ | Stationery One Sweet Day Design, NSW



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