The Long Road Home…

What I love about photography is storytelling. Every now and again I get the opportunity to tell a story for Bella Boheme. It’s all about weekend getaways, enjoying time with your friends and exploring the outdoors. Here are some images from one of our latest shoots.

BB-Car-web-1 BB-Car-web-6 BB-Car-web-60BB-Car-web-4 BB-Car-web-65BB-Car-web-73BB-Car-web-120 BB-Car-web-104BB-Car-web-132 BB-Car-web-115BB-Car-web-111 BB-Car-web-112 BB-Car-web-133 BB-Car-web-134 BB-Car-web-212 BB-Car-web-215 BB-Car-web-220 BB-Car-web-222 BB-Car-web-238


All clothing available at Bella Boheme.  |  Models: Maddison-Clare & Ashley Gourdon
Photography: Kylie Carson Photography
Hillman Minx vehicle available from Springwood Motor World.

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