Shaan + John | Married

Two things were very clear after photographing Shaan and John’s wedding in the picturesque Blue Mountains. Shaan is a humungous Jon Bon Jovi fan (let’s consider her new hubby’s name a moment)… and John is a mad cricketer. Their wedding truly represented both their personalities in the little touches that they included in their day; the songs that were played, the cuff links of the groom and his groomsmen and the incredible playlist that created an electrifying atmosphere on the dance floor just to name a few.

These two also love to travel together throughout the world and are making plans for more trips after their honeymoon in Sri Lanka (where else would a cricketer go on their honeymoon?). They are passionate about seeing the world throughout their new life together.

Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate.  – Jon Bon Jovi

They are passionate about these things but they are also beautifully passionate about friends and family. Shaan and her bridesmaids were like sisters and the boys, well, they spent the morning bonding over their mutual love of the Panthers NRL team (who lost their chance at finals glory that night!). The wedding ceremony incorporated a blessing of the rings by all who were present and the vows from John even made the photographer (yes, ok… me) shed a tear.

Then the real shenanigans began! Photo shoot on the edge of a cliff anyone? With champagne?

Thankfully no high heels as the bride and her bridesmaid donned gold thongs for the trek. Some fun and games before dancing (and Zumba-ing) the night away to Bon Jovi, S Club 7 and all the 1990s classics that I grew up with. Now, if you’re going to play that kind of music – expect me to dance with you!
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All images here: Kylie Carson Photography  |  All Dresses: Bridesmaids Only  |  Veil: Julie Herbert Millinery Creations  |  Makeup: Ann Hassarati  | Cuff:  Christina Ramella Jewelry  |  Ceremony & Reception: All View Escape, Blackheath NSW   |  Sound & Music: Trevor  |

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