Oh, to be in love… {Couples in love}

Is there anything more heart-warming than seeing two people in love?

Watching these two during our session made me all nostalgic. It reminded me of a time before my kids entered my life, when it was all about us – my husband and I. When we were so consumed by our love for each other that nothing else mattered. When we would spend every spare moment together, we’d hang out with our friends, plan holidays, watch movies & go out to dinner.

It reminded me that we shouldn’t stop doing those things we love just because you have kids. Those are the things that brought us closer together. Spending time with each other is important. Make time. Be in love.
Maddie-99Maddie-22Maddie-1-2Maddie-15Maddie-DT2-1Maddie-12Maddie-76 Maddie-19 Maddie-78Maddie-47Maddie-50 Maddie-96

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