Orlando | 9 weeks {newborn}

When I walk into someone’s home I never quite know what to expect but one thing is guaranteed – the love of new parents for their newborn. That is what I’m trying to capture. Together with some beautiful smiles, I’m trying to capture those other quirky faces – the ones you see all the time. And the natural things you do with your baby; cuddling in your rocking chair, your bed, the lounge, changing nappies, feeding and gazing into those eyes.

Orlando was a perfect angel during our session although I suspect he’s keeping most of his big smiles for mum and dad! He was curious and inquisitive – fascinated by the big black camera in front of him. Congratulations to Bronwen & Justin on the birth of their baby boy. He is just adorable!
Orlando-1-10Orlando-5 Orlando-11 Orlando-16 Orlando-21Orlando-1-2Orlando-31 Orlando-48Orlando-2-2Orlando-1-9Orlando-40Orlando-1-14 Orlando-60 Orlando-1-13Orlando-1-6Orlando-1-8 Orlando-2-4Orlando-86Orlando-1-12 Orlando-111 Orlando-116 Orlando-119

2 Comments on “Orlando | 9 weeks {newborn}

  1. Thank you so much Kylie! Your photos capture exactly what you set out to – the three of us in our little bubble of love! Xo


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