Love and picnics with a view

When I think of romance, I think of flowers, candlelit dinners, picnics, quiet spaces, warm hugs but more than anything tangible it is that connection with someone special that you can’t find words to express. The way that special someone makes you feel when they sweep you up in their open arms can be breathtaking; and when you are alone on a clifftop in the magical Blue Mountains, you may just believe you are the only people who exist in the world.

Hannah creates this kind of scene for her clients set against the beautiful backdrop of the Blue Mountains escarpment. She provides the colourful, delectable delights on a platter – cheese, dip, figs, berries, grapes and more. But more than that, it’s the peaceful opportunity to connect. Indulge your senses and let Hannah create something magical for you and your someone.Hannah_09Feb18_web-10Hannah_09Feb18_web-7Hannah_09Feb18_web-41Picnic-2Hannah_09Feb18_web-15Hannah_09Feb18_web-58Hannah_09Feb18_web-47Hannah_09Feb18_web-65Hannah_09Feb18_web-57Picnic-1-2Hannah_09Feb18_web-50Hannah_09Feb18_web-55Hannah_09Feb18_web-56Hannah_09Feb18_web-64Picnic-1Hannah_09Feb18_web-67Hannah_09Feb18_web-74Hannah is photographed here by me with her two special someones.

Contact Picnics by Hannah for a picnic date.

Picnic blankets, cushions and dress by Bella Boheme.

Flowers from Celine at Floral by Nature.

Wine from Dryridge Estate in the Megalong Valley.

Accessories from Penny Lane Studio.

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