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Everyone has things they love. We all like different types of music, different flavours in our meals, different hair styles and clothes. We each have our own style. We decorate our houses differently. We like different brands of coffee, crisps and cars.

Mark & Lana wear different clothes to me. They listen to different music. They drive the cutest little 1959 black VW Beetle I’ve ever seen (with it’s original radio).

This photo shoot was different. It was unique. From the moment I met them I could tell they were happy, kind & in love. They made me laugh. And I’m very excited to be photographing their wedding with Beck Dunn Photography.

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Together with my very good friend Renee, we met & photographed Ryan & Naomi by the beach as the sun was setting behind the hills.

It was windy at the beach as the wild ocean pounded the rocks where we had intended to photograph this lovely couple. Instead, we took shelter by the tall pine trees.

These are a few of my images…

Naomi-Ryan-LR-2 Naomi-Ryan-LR-3 Naomi-Ryan-LR-7 Naomi-Ryan-LR-12 Naomi-Ryan-LR-13 Naomi-Ryan-LR-14 Naomi-Ryan-LR-16 Naomi-Ryan-LR-17 Naomi-Ryan-LR-20 Naomi-Ryan-LR-22 Naomi-Ryan-LR-23 Naomi-Ryan-LR-25 Naomi-Ryan-LR-27 Naomi-Ryan-LR-28 Naomi-Ryan-LR-30 Naomi-Ryan-LR-31 Naomi-Ryan-LR-33 Naomi-Ryan-LR-34 Naomi-Ryan-LR-36 Naomi-Ryan-LR-41 Naomi-Ryan-LR-39 Naomi-Ryan-LR-42

Looking forward to collaborating with Renee Robertson Make-up, Tanning & Photography in March 2014 for a fabulous Blue Mountains wedding.

Congratulations! A couple of months ago Justin & Bronwen got engaged & now they’re planning their wedding. So needless to say, they’re all loved up & ready to take the next step. The photographs speak for themselves.

Bronwen-LR-1 Bronwen-LR-3 Bronwen-LR-6 Bronwen-LR-9 Bronwen-LR-10 Bronwen-LR-19 Bronwen-LR-20 Bronwen-LR-22 Bronwen-LR-24 Bronwen-LR-25 Bronwen-LR-26 Bronwen-LR-34 Bronwen-LR-35 Bronwen-LR-36 Bronwen-LR-37 Bronwen-LR-39 Bronwen-LR-40 Bronwen-LR-41Bronwen-LR-42 Bronwen-LR-50 Bronwen-LR-51 Bronwen-LR-52 Bronwen-LR-54 Bronwen-LR-62 Bronwen-LR-68 Bronwen-LR-71 Bronwen-LR-70 Bronwen-LR-74 Bronwen-LR-76 Bronwen-LR-78 Bronwen-LR-82 Bronwen-LR-87 Bronwen-LR-89 Bronwen-LR-86

Thank you so much for letting me photograph & record your love. Wishing you every happiness in the world. xo

Did I mention I photographed a wedding recently? What could be more magical than photographing two people in love?

Everyone at Ian & Suzie’s wedding was smiling. You rarely see so much joy in one place.
And what’s not to smile about. Blue Mountains. Old Country House. Garden party. Bow ties. Fancy gowns. 1940’s music. Candy. Champagne. A scavenger hunt to the tune ‘Run Rabbit Run‘. And surprise! Ian & Suzie are getting married.

WeddingPt1-2 WeddingPt2-10WeddingPt2-6 WeddingPt1-1 Weddingdiptych-3WeddingPt1-3 WeddingPt1-4 WeddingPt1-5 WeddingPt1-11WeddingPt1-7WeddingPt1-9 diptych-1 WeddingPt2-11 WeddingPt2-22 WeddingPt2-15diptych-2 WeddingPt2-17 WeddingPt2-27 Weddingdiptych-2 WeddingPt2-26 WeddingPt2-34WeddingPt2-35 Weddingdiptych-1WeddingPt2-39 WeddingPt3-4 WeddingPt3-7 Rings-1diptych-3WeddingPt3-14 WeddingPt3-15 diptych-4WeddingPt3-21 diptych-5WeddingPt3-26 WeddingPt3-27 WeddingPt3-30 WeddingPt3-31 WeddingPt3-32 WeddingPt3-33 WeddingPt3-34 WeddingPt3-36 WeddingPt3-38WeddingPt3-39 WeddingPt3-54 WeddingPt3-40 WeddingPt3-53 WeddingPt3-46 WeddingPt3-50 WeddingPt3-60 WeddingPt3-64 WeddingPt3-63 WeddingPt3-69


On a bright & sunny Saturday a few of weeks ago I met up with Jess & Michael for a photography session. Jess had hesitated when she asked if we could include Jonah, her loveable dog, in the session.

She needn’t have worried. I more than anyone know how pets often become as close to us as any other member of the family. My little puppy Elsie at 10 weeks old is currently curled up near my feet. I wouldn’t have it any other way.*

Jonah, like any toddler I’ve tried to photograph, had his own ideas about how the session was going to run. I knew that being so close to the river may be too tempting for him but he managed to stay dry for a little while…

Oct13-Jess-LR-2 Oct13-Jess-LR-5 Oct13-Jess-LR-10 Oct13-Jess-LR-11 Oct13-Jess-LR-33 Oct13-Jess-LR-35 Oct13-Jess-LR-29Oct13-Jess-LR-37 Oct13-Jess-LR-22 Oct13-Jess-LR-42 Oct13-Jess-LR-43 Oct13-Jess-LR-51Oct13-Jess-LR-50 Oct13-Jess-LR-49 Oct13-Jess-LR-57 Oct13-Jess-LR-59 Oct13-Jess-LR-60

* It’s a bit like babies – when they’re sleeping they’re no trouble at all. 10 week old puppies tend to chew everything when they’re awake!

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