Stephen & Cassandra {Weddings}

Stephen & Cassandra have been in love for many years. Their wedding was very much a family affair. Their children were their groomsmen & bridesmaid together with Cassandra’s sister. It was a confirmation of their love. A celebration of family. And after so long together, it was beautiful to see how smitten these two were on the day. Cheeky little smiles from the bride & laughter all around. A beautiful wedding co-ordinated by family. The girls had made their own bouquets after a trip to the flower market. Grandma had collected mason jars for 6 months for the  table decorations. The groom & their son had decorated the room on the morning of the wedding. All aspects of their wedding had special meaning to them & that’s the way it should be. Here are a few of the images from their wonderful day. Cass+Steve-1 Cass+Steve-3Cass+Steve-1-8Cass+Steve-1-9Cass+Steve-dt-1Cass+Steve-1-5Cass+Steve-1-11Cass+Steve-1-1Cass+Steve-1-2Cass+Steve-1-3Cass+Steve-1-4Cass+Steve-1-6Cass+Steve-1-7Cass+Steve-1-13Cass+Steve-1-14Cass+Steve-1-15Cass+Steve-dt-2Cass+Steve-1-19Cass+Steve-1-17Cass+Steve-1-18Cass+Steve-1-16Cass+Steve-1-20Cass+Steve-dt-3Cass+Steve-2-1Cass+Steve-2-2Cass+Steve-2-3Cass+Steve-dt-4Cass+Steve-2-4Cass+Steve-2-5Cass+Steve-2-6Cass+Steve-2-7Cass+Steve-2-8Cass+Steve-2-9Cass+Steve-2-10Cass+Steve-2-11Cass+Steve-2-12Cass+Steve-2-13Cass+Steve-2-14Cass+Steve-2-15Cass+Steve-LR-142Cass+Steve-2-16Cass+Steve-dt-5Cass+Steve-2-17Cass+Steve-dt-6Cass+Steve-2-18Cass+Steve-2-19Cass+Steve-2-20Cass+Steve-2-21Cass+Steve-2-22Cass+Steve-2-23Cass+Steve-2-24Cass+Steve-2-25Cass+Steve-dt-10Cass+Steve-2-26Cass+Steve-2-27Cass+Steve-dt-8Cass+Steve-dt-9Cass+Steve-2-33Cass+Steve-2-34Cass+Steve-LR-261Cass+Steve-2-37Cass+Steve-2-39Cass+Steve-2-38Cass+Steve-dt-11Cass+Steve-LR-246Cass+Steve-LR-254

“I loved you yesterday.

I love you still.

I always have and always will.”

Congratulations Cass & Steve. xo

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