Cousins {Families}

What a fabulous idea for a gift. These guys asked me to help them give their grandmother a gift for her birthday. It was a big birthday. One of those birthdays that grandmothers usually want to overlook but one that the rest of the family want to celebrate. So when I was asked to take some photographs of all the grandkids – cousins, I was thrilled to help out.

So the idea was to get some group shots and some natural group shots too. Ages ranged from 20+ to almost one. As you know those little ones can be elusive but this group of young people were fabulous. Check them out – like a photo shoot for a TV show – you know like Beverly Hills 90210. Not that they were born then. (Yikes I’m old.)

Cousins-LR-web-2 Cousins-LR-web-4 Cousins-LR-web-5 Cousins-LR-web-10Cousins-LR-web-12Cousins-LR-web-14Cousins-LR-web-20Cousins-LR-web-28Cousins-LR-web-30Cousins-LR-web-32Cousins-LR-web-39Cousins-LR-web-46Cousins-LR-web-49

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