Ian & Suzie {Weddings}

Did I mention I photographed a wedding recently? What could be more magical than photographing two people in love?

Everyone at Ian & Suzie’s wedding was smiling. You rarely see so much joy in one place.
And what’s not to smile about. Blue Mountains. Old Country House. Garden party. Bow ties. Fancy gowns. 1940’s music. Candy. Champagne. A scavenger hunt to the tune ‘Run Rabbit Run‘. And surprise! Ian & Suzie are getting married.

WeddingPt1-2 WeddingPt2-10WeddingPt2-6 WeddingPt1-1 Weddingdiptych-3WeddingPt1-3 WeddingPt1-4 WeddingPt1-5 WeddingPt1-11WeddingPt1-7WeddingPt1-9 diptych-1 WeddingPt2-11 WeddingPt2-22 WeddingPt2-15diptych-2 WeddingPt2-17 WeddingPt2-27 Weddingdiptych-2 WeddingPt2-26 WeddingPt2-34WeddingPt2-35 Weddingdiptych-1WeddingPt2-39 WeddingPt3-4 WeddingPt3-7 Rings-1diptych-3WeddingPt3-14 WeddingPt3-15 diptych-4WeddingPt3-21 diptych-5WeddingPt3-26 WeddingPt3-27 WeddingPt3-30 WeddingPt3-31 WeddingPt3-32 WeddingPt3-33 WeddingPt3-34 WeddingPt3-36 WeddingPt3-38WeddingPt3-39 WeddingPt3-54 WeddingPt3-40 WeddingPt3-53 WeddingPt3-46 WeddingPt3-50 WeddingPt3-60 WeddingPt3-64 WeddingPt3-63 WeddingPt3-69


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