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Preparing for your wedding is such an exciting time. Once the venue is booked, you’ve decided on styling, found your ideal photographer ūüôā and you’ve found that perfect dress, you can rest up and let the celebrations begin. The lead up to your wedding shouldn’t be stressful… and when you’ve got family and friends who happily throw you the MOST AMAZING bridal shower, what could possibly stress you out?

Here are some images from Sophia’s Bridal Shower Lunch with all her special girls¬†in her life in amongst the gorgeously styled peachy tones and soft inviting light at the super delicious Avli Restaurant.

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Leo’s Christening was like no other I have ever experienced. It was a whirlwind of love where every member of his family was close by & sharing in this special occasion. Leo was dressed at the Church by his family and cradled in the arms of his loved ones before, during and after. So many people who adore him so. He’s one very lucky little boy. He is already blessed.

Leo-SpecialOccasion-45 Leo-SpecialOccasion-6 Leo-SpecialOccasion-5Leo-SpecialOccasion-3 Leo-SpecialOccasion-2Leo-SpecialOccasion-dt Leo-SpecialOccasion Leo-SpecialOccasion-P Leo-SpecialOccasion-10 Leo-SpecialOccasion-8Leo-SpecialOccasion-P-2 Leo-SpecialOccasion-dt-2 Leo-SpecialOccasion-13 Leo-SpecialOccasion-14 Leo-SpecialOccasion-15 Leo-SpecialOccasion-16 Leo-SpecialOccasion-dt-3 Leo-SpecialOccasion-19 Leo-SpecialOccasion-21 Leo-SpecialOccasion-20 Leo-SpecialOccasion-22 Leo-SpecialOccasion-dt-4 Leo-SpecialOccasion-23 Leo-SpecialOccasion-dt-5 Leo-SpecialOccasion-24 Leo-SpecialOccasion-P-5Leo-SpecialOccasion-26 Leo-SpecialOccasion-25 Leo-SpecialOccasion-28Leo-SpecialOccasion-P-6 Leo-SpecialOccasion-33 Leo-SpecialOccasion-31Leo-SpecialOccasion-P-4 Leo-SpecialOccasion-34 Leo-SpecialOccasion-39 Leo-SpecialOccasion-35 Leo-SpecialOccasion-41Leo-SpecialOccasion-P-10 Leo-SpecialOccasion-P-11 Leo-SpecialOccasion-42 Leo-SpecialOccasion-46 Leo-SpecialOccasion-48 Leo-SpecialOccasion-47Leo-SpecialOccasion-dt-11 Leo-SpecialOccasion-62 Leo-SpecialOccasion-64 Leo-SpecialOccasion-57 Leo-SpecialOccasion-dt-7 Leo-SpecialOccasion-50Leo-SpecialOccasion-56 Leo-SpecialOccasion-55 Leo-SpecialOccasion-63 Leo-SpecialOccasion-P-12 Leo-SpecialOccasion-54 Leo-SpecialOccasion-52 Leo-SpecialOccasion-dt-8 Leo-SpecialOccasion-P-13Leo-SpecialOccasion-dt-10 Leo-SpecialOccasion-P-15Leo-SpecialOccasion-61

Thank you Vivien & Josh for inviting me to record the beautiful event that unfolded for little Leo. It was such a pleasure to document your day. K x

Photography¬†Kylie Carson Photography¬†¬†|¬†Floral Styling –¬†Sandy @ Floranectar¬†|¬†Event Venue – Angelo @ Cucina 105¬†|¬†Cake & Cookies –¬†Denin @¬†Spoon and Fork Cookies and Cakes¬†| Cake Topper – Kyrie @ Glistening Occasions | Macarons – Thanh @ T&E’s Macarons

Celebrations are special. Whether it’s a wedding, a christening or a birthday, there are moments of laughter, kindness & love that are shared between the people who attend. This is what I love most about attending an event. However, capturing the event also includes photographing the details. The little things that make the atmosphere so amazing. In this case, Nicole of Penny Lane Studio styled Emma’s beautiful Boho 40th birthday so beautifully that I heard everyone comment.

I often take photographs for Emma of Bella Boheme but this time it was Emma who was the centre of attention and not her lovely clothing. Happy 40th Em. I’m not too far behind you! xoKCP-Details-cake-1KCP-Details-2KCP-Details-20KCP-Details-82KCP-Details-27KCP-Details-24 KCP-Drinks-1 KCP-Details-1KCP-Details-63KCP-Details-dt-3KCP-Details-49KCP-Details-47KCP-Details-73KCP-Details-69KCP-Details-dt-1Em&Dion-1KCP-Details-Em-1KCP-Details-dt-1-2KCP-Details-dt-2KCP-Details-97Some of these photographs were recently featured in HOORAY MAGAZINE. I’m so terribly chuffed that they have recognised my photographs & I’m thrilled that I share the limelight with some very talented people!

Photography Kylie Carson Photography | Event Styling Penny Lane Studio | Decorations Bella Boheme +Penny Lane Studio | Floral Styling Thoughtful Petal | Hire Items Penny Lane Studio | Event Venue Norman Lindsay Gallery Café | Cake Vanilla Baking | Stationery Westminster Paper Co. | Entertainment Event Sounds Sydney


It’s such an amazing privilege to be invited back into a family’s home & to celebrate special occasions with them. I photographed Chase at 4 weeks here and again with his grandmother & his big sister when he was a couple of months old.

Just over a week ago, Chase was baptised in a ceremony with close family & friends. May his life be blessed. Wishing this little cutie every kindness & happiness the world can bring.
Chase-26Apr14-1 Chase-26Apr14-4 Chase-26Apr14-5 Chase-26Apr14-6 Chase-26Apr14-8 Chase-26Apr14-12 Chase-26Apr14-15 Chase-26Apr14-21Chase-buttons-diptych-1 Chase-26Apr14-27 Chase-26Apr14-30 Chase-26Apr14-31 Chase-26Apr14-33 Chase-26Apr14-44 Chase-26Apr14-45 Chase-26Apr14-46 Chase-26Apr14-54 Chase-26Apr14-67 Chase-26Apr14-74 Chase-26Apr14-77 Chase-26Apr14-78Chase-26Apr14-79 Chase-26Apr14-82 Chase-26Apr14-85Church-diptych-1 Chase-26Apr14-87Chase-26Apr14-112Thank you for allowing me to take part in such a special occasion for you & your family. K x


Photographing special occasions is a beautiful experience. I love the sense of ceremony, ritual & tradition. At special occasions people are happy. They are joyful. They are present in that moment not distracted by the everyday.

Evie’s baptism was a small family affair. An intimate ceremony. Evie was showered with love & hope for the future.

Evie-Dec13-LR-10 Evie-Dec13-LR-11 Evie-Dec13-LR-13 Evie-Dec13-LR-7Evie-Dec13-LR-19 Evie-Dec13-LR-20 Evie-Dec13-LR-24 Evie-Dec13-LR-25 Evie-Dec13-LR-28 Evie-Dec13-LR-36 Evie-Dec13-LR-37 Evie-Dec13-LR-39 Evie-Dec13-LR-41 Evie-Dec13-LR-43 Evie-Dec13-LR-48 Evie-Dec13-LR-52 Evie-Dec13-LR-53 Evie-Dec13-LR-56 Evie-Dec13-LR-59 Evie-Dec13-LR-61 Evie-Dec13-LR-62 Evie-Dec13-LR-64Evie-Dec13-LR-68

Wishing you every happiness in the world little Evie. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this special day. xo

Watching families gather their loved ones together is one of the joys of my job. On this day, Braxton’s family were gathered to celebrate his baptism.

Although Braxton wasn’t too sure about his outfit, he is clearly blessed with a loving, adoring family. Here is the story of Braxton’s baptism ceremony. May he be blessed with love, joy & happiness throughout his years.

Brax-baptism-LR-1 Brax-baptism-LR-5 Brax-baptism-LR-6 Brax-baptism-LR-14 Brax-baptism-diptych-1Brax-baptism-LR-17 Brax-baptism-LR-18 Brax-baptism-LR-25 Brax-baptism-LR-27 Brax-baptism-LR-28 Brax-baptism-LR-29 Brax-baptism-LR-31 Brax-baptism-diptych-2Brax-baptism-LR-37 Brax-baptism-LR-39 Brax-baptism-LR-42 Brax-baptism-LR-51 Brax-baptism-LR-153Brax-baptism-diptych-3Brax-baptism-LR-66 Brax-baptism-LR-67 Brax-baptism-LR-70 Brax-baptism-LR-75 Brax-baptism-LR-78 Brax-baptism-diptych-4Brax-baptism-LR-79 Brax-baptism-LR-82 Brax-baptism-LR-83 Brax-baptism-LR-85 Brax-baptism-LR-88 Brax-baptism-diptych-5Brax-baptism-LR-93 Brax-baptism-LR-98 Brax-baptism-LR-99 Brax-baptism-LR-101 Brax-baptism-LR-103 Brax-baptism-LR-107 Brax-baptism-LR-110 Brax-baptism-LR-114 Brax-baptism-LR-115 Brax-baptism-LR-119 Brax-baptism-LR-120 Brax-baptism-LR-122 Brax-baptism-LR-124 Brax-baptism-LR-128 Brax-baptism-LR-129 Brax-baptism-LR-133 Brax-baptism-LR-138 Brax-baptism-LR-141 Brax-baptism-LR-142 Brax-baptism-LR-149Brax-baptism-LR-147

Thank you to Franny & Matko for letting me capture such wonderful moments. K x

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