Evie’s Baptism

Photographing special occasions is a beautiful experience. I love the sense of ceremony, ritual & tradition. At special occasions people are happy. They are joyful. They are present in that moment not distracted by the everyday.

Evie’s baptism was a small family affair. An intimate ceremony. Evie was showered with love & hope for the future.

Evie-Dec13-LR-10 Evie-Dec13-LR-11 Evie-Dec13-LR-13 Evie-Dec13-LR-7Evie-Dec13-LR-19 Evie-Dec13-LR-20 Evie-Dec13-LR-24 Evie-Dec13-LR-25 Evie-Dec13-LR-28 Evie-Dec13-LR-36 Evie-Dec13-LR-37 Evie-Dec13-LR-39 Evie-Dec13-LR-41 Evie-Dec13-LR-43 Evie-Dec13-LR-48 Evie-Dec13-LR-52 Evie-Dec13-LR-53 Evie-Dec13-LR-56 Evie-Dec13-LR-59 Evie-Dec13-LR-61 Evie-Dec13-LR-62 Evie-Dec13-LR-64Evie-Dec13-LR-68

Wishing you every happiness in the world little Evie. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this special day. xo

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