Doron, Belinda, Caleb & baby Owen {A birth story}

Having four children of my own, I know first hand how the birth of your own child can present a myriad of emotions. When you hold your baby for the first time there is an overwhelming sense of joy coupled with responsibility, anxiety (at the thought of looking after such a precious little human, yet having no handbook to do so) & elation.

I had planned to photograph the birth of little Owen. Some people (like my husband) imagine birth photography literally. “Why would you want that?” he asked me in horror. I explained that it’s about the emotional journey not the medical side of things. It’s that moment when your partner looks at you like you are the most incredible woman in the world. When they hold your hand as the pain overwhelms you. That moment when you hold your baby for the first time. When your first born meets their little brother or sister. When the grandparents rush to meet their new grandchild. Birth photography records those first moments just as you would record the other milestones in your child’s early years.

Owen arrived via cesarian section. It wasn’t planned that way but things rarely go to plan. I sat with Belinda’s mother as we waited for news of the baby’s arrival. I was there for the moment when Doron told her of her grandson’s birth; as she recorded the important stats. My heart ached for Belinda & Doron when they were told that their little boy needed to stay in the Special Care Nursery for at least the first 24 hours. He was ok but would be monitored as a precaution. Those first moments when they held their baby in their arms were not as planned but they were all the more precious.

Belinda wasn’t there when her first born Caleb met his little brother but I was – camera in hand. Such a precious moment & I feel so privileged to have been there to capture it for her.

Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-9Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-1 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-2 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-3 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-4 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-8Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-6Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-11 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-12 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-15 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-16 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-17 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-18 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-20 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-21 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-23 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-28 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-29 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-30 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-31 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-32 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-33 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-34 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-35 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-37 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-38 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-40 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-43 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-45 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-47 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-52 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-55 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-59 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-63 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-65 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-69 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-70 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-71 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-74 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-76 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-82 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-84 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-87 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-88 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-89 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-92 Owen-31Jan14-3Feb14-LR-93Congratulations Doron, Belinda, Caleb & family on the birth of little Owen. Wishing you every happiness as you watch him grow. Thank you for letting me be a part of such a momentous occasion in your lives. I am truly grateful. K xo

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