Holly | 3 weeks {newborns}

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” ~ Dr Seuss

This is why, when I walk into a home for a newborn lifestyle session, I stay for a while. I want to capture those moments that we see every day. I want to bring back those feelings that you felt when you held them, fed them, changed nappies, woke in the mornings; those moments you experience everyday. You will value those photographs more than any other.

Holly was three weeks old when I met her & her mum & dad. They had a huge day ahead of them. As they prepared for their day, we photographed little Holly in her new home. She was an angel. And completely, and utterly loved.

Holly-3weeks--2 Holly-3weeks-8 Holly-3weeks-9 Holly-3weeks-13 Holly-3weeks-17 Holly-3weeks-19 Holly-3weeks-20 Holly-3weeks-18Holly-3weeks-21 Holly-3weeks-23 Holly-3weeks-24 Holly-3weeks-27 Holly-3weeks-29 Holly-3weeks-31 Holly-3weeks-33 Holly-3weeks-39 Holly-3weeks-41 Holly-3weeks-43 Holly-3weeks-45 Holly-3weeks-50 Holly-3weeks-52 Holly-3weeks-54 Holly-3weeks-55 Holly-3weeks-57 Holly-3weeks-59 Holly-3weeks-61 Holly-3weeks-64 Holly-3weeks-67 Holly-3weeks-73 Holly-3weeks--5Holly-3weeks-83 Holly-3weeks-90 Holly-3weeks-93 Holly-3weeks-94 Holly-3weeks-106 Holly-3weeks--6 Holly-3weeks-105

Thank you so much to Amanda & David for welcoming me into your home. Congratulations on the birth of little Holly. You’re doing a fabulous job!

K x

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