Treasures, Trinkets & Summer Skies | Ocean Odyssey {Product Photography}

Recently I photographed a gorgeous new range of bohemian jewels just in time for summer. Can you feel those long, warmer days on their way?

Adorn your limbs with these beautiful Ocean Odyssey pieces available online here.

OO-1-2Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-4 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-6Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-8Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-11 OO-diptych-2 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-30 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-33Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-17 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-21 OO-1Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-35 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-39 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-45OO-diptych-1 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-56 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-59 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-69 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-79 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-83 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-102 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-106 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-107 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-112 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-114 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-127 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-139 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-142 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-151OO-diptych-3 Ocean-Odyssey-Jewellery-158

Jewellery: Ocean Odyssey or on Instagram @ocean.odyssey

Models:  Claire Parker & Brittany Bloomer

(on Instagram) @clairendezvous & @brittbloomer

Photography:  Kylie Carson Photography

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