Will | 8 days {newborns}

I never knew how much love my heart could hold until I had my first born. And then there was another and I was again taken with my new baby, and then again and again. Every time. For hours I would stare at their tiny faces, completely consumed by love. Yes, there were times where I felt overwhelmingly tired, where I was exhausted too, but there is something about being a mother that makes it all ok. Taking care of a baby is the most important thing you can do.

This is a beautiful family with 3 boys; each one of them with their own gorgeous little personalities and very lucky to be surrounded by love.

Will--1 Will--2 Will--7Will--1-2 Will--8 Will--1-5 Will--11Will-dt-1-2 Will--1-8Will-8 Will--25 Will--14 Will--1-9 Will--1-7Will--27Will-dt-1 Will--31 Will--33 Will--30 Will--29Will--5 Will-17 Will--3

Congratulations Renae & Michael on the birth of little Will. He’s just wonderful! x

2 Comments on “Will | 8 days {newborns}

  1. Beautiful pictures thank you for sharing. You are so right. There is enough love in a mothers heart to love each new baby plus the other children


  2. These are so beautiful Kylie. They really capture the love at such a special time. x


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