Renae, Michael & the boys {Family}

The sweetest little family of four about to become a family of five. We spent the morning in the park for a family lifestyle session capturing the cutest grins and watching kids be kids. Renae-LR-web-5 Renae-LR-web-7 Renae-LR-web-12 Renae-LR-web-16 Renae-LR-web-19 Renae-LR-web-20 Renae-LR-web-22 Renae-LR-web-24 Renae-LR-web-31 Renae-LR-web-32 Renae-LR-web-33 Renae-LR-web-34 Renae-LR-web-36 Renae-LR-web-38 Renae-LR-web-40 Renae-LR-web-43 Renae-LR-web-46 Renae-LR-web-49 Renae-LR-web-52 Renae-LR-web-53 Renae-LR-web-55 Renae-LR-web-58 Renae-LR-web-59 Renae-LR-web-63 Renae-LR-web-66 Renae-LR-web-70 Renae-LR-web-72Renae-LR-web-84 Renae-LR-web-75Renae-LR-web-81 Renae-LR-web-79Thank you for letting me capture some special moments for you Renae & Michael. Wishing you all the best for the arrival of your next bundle of joy very soon. xo

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