Creatives | Artist Profile | Fiona Barrett-Clark

Road trip! It’s the essence of Australian family getaways. Throw the kids in the car and drive. Destination west to the Blue Mountains, inland to Dubbo, Tamworth or Armidale, south to the Southern Highlands, Narooma or Victoria, north to rolling hills of the Dorrigo Plateau, Byron and Queensland. Fiona paints the images you see on the way to your destination.

‘Driving through the countryside is still one of my greatest pleasures and within my work I reflect on my love of the Australian landscape, its colour, contrast for dark shadows and intense light, its familiarity to our psyche and sense of escapism that it makes us feel.’

Like all creatives, Fiona has a gift. She sees the beauty in the little things; the way the light hits the tall grasses as they sway in the breeze, the silhouette of the pine trees against the horizon, the clouds as a storm brews over the land.

Very humble, Fiona prefers to have her paintings in the spotlight but tentatively agreed to shoot with me to capture her in her element. I admire her tenacity to follow her passion and I’m proud to see her works recognised in print. Amber Creswell Bell, a writer and curator, has gathered a collection of beautiful Australian landscape artworks by talented artists from all over our amazing country. Fiona, deservedly appears in the book alongside iconic artists such as Ken Done.

painted landscape-1

Fiona is a full time prize-winning artist.

For details, artwork and commission enquiries see her website here.

See the world through her eyes on Instagram here.

Amber Creswell Bell’s book ‘A Painted Landscape’ is available here.

Publisher: Thames & Hudson | 2018

Photography by me.

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