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Continued learning is such an important part of my life. I love to learn more about photography and improve my skills. Finding inspiration amongst other photographers, the beauty in nature and the emotions of the people around me.

Annabel-1-2 Read More

A collection of images from Jaxon’s newborn session. It is not until you have a baby that you realise how precious life can be and how much joy a little person can bring to the ordinary every day. Couldn’t you just endlessly stare at them? Like, all day? Read More

This wedding was oh so amazing. Not just because of the picturesque venue or the attention to detail but because the bride & groom were just phenomenally fun-loving people. Their vows were some of the most sincere, honest & humorous vows I have heard at any wedding I’ve ever been to. And I do hope Emma holds Jarrod to his promises! Read More

When I walk into someone’s home I never quite know what to expect but one thing is guaranteed – the love of new parents for their newborn. That is what I’m trying to capture. Together with some beautiful smiles, I’m trying to capture those other quirky faces – the ones you see all the time. And the natural things you do with your baby; cuddling in your rocking chair, your bed, the lounge, changing nappies, feeding and gazing into those eyes. Read More

Is there anything more heart-warming than seeing two people in love?

Watching these two during our session made me all nostalgic. It reminded me of a time before my kids entered my life, when it was all about us – my husband and I. When we were so consumed by our love for each other that nothing else mattered. Read More

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INSPIRED SHOOT @The Grove Studios

This inspired shoot was all about the bohemian gypsy queen. The effortless embodiment of style, beauty and grace. Together with some very talented creatives, I found myself a world away in a Mexican paradise. Emma from Bella Boheme styled our beautiful muse Victoria in  the simplest, yet sweet & sexy clothing for Summer 2015. Michelle from Mountain Angel Salon styled her gorgeous locks, while Edith from Floral Ink created the most stunning floral arrangements to complete our vision. Read More

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